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  1. Photography Youtubers you need to pay attention to

    Photography Youtubers you need to pay attention to

    In addition to photography books and blogs, there’s nothing we love more than relaxing with our tablet or smartphone and watching a bunch of photography YouTubers. From food to fashion, our subscription list is so long you couldn’t fit it on one of our canvas prints! Watching YouTube channels is a great way to see […]

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  2. Stripes – a strong spring trend

    Stripes – a strong spring trend

    Nautical stripes have been a popular interiors choice for many a year now and are frequently featured in bathrooms and bedrooms. However, stripes in the home are now stepping up a notch, and whether horizontal or vertical they’re making a splash in full rainbow glory. Want to get involved? You could of course buy a […]

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  3. An introduction to Feng Shui

    An introduction to Feng Shui

    When it comes to home interiors we’re not just about personalised canvas prints, although that is our speciality. Here at Parrot Print, we love giving you tips and advice on how to transform your house into a home. Today, we thought we’d share an introduction to feng shui, so you can master the art and […]

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  4. The Most Photographed Attractions in the World

    The Most Photographed Attractions in the World

    Whether it’s New York, Paris or London that you’ve visited, you are sure to have returned home with a whole host of holiday snaps on your camera. From the towering heights of the Empire State Building, to the Eiffel Tower and charming Big Ben, the world is full of iconic sights – but which of the […]

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  5. How to decorate huge blank walls

    How to decorate huge blank walls

    Here at Parrot Print we understand that decorating blank walls can be a little frustrating, especially when you’ve run out of interior ideas, but don’t fret! Instead of a huge blank wall we see a blank canvas that’s just waiting for some innovation. From canvas prints scattered across the wall to having an open-plan wardrobe, […]

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  6. Spring photography tips

    Spring photography tips

    We’re finally into spring, which means the flowers are in bloom, we’re starting to see young farm animals around and our winter blues are nothing but a distant memory. If you’re a nature photographer, you’ll know that spring is the best season to capture the beauty around us, and we couldn’t agree more. From gorgeous […]

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  7. In Celebration of World Book Day

    In Celebration of World Book Day

    Today we’re celebrating World Book Day the only way we know how; by sharing some of our favourite photography books with you. Although we love creating canvas prints, there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. We’re sure all you photographers will agree that reading […]

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  8. Creative Mother’s Day Ideas

    Creative Mother’s Day Ideas

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year the celebrations are happening even sooner than you think. This year Mother’s Day is taking place on March 6, but don’t panic, you’ve still got plenty of time to find that perfect personalised present. This year we’re ditching flowers, chocolates and perfume, and opting for a more […]

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  9. How To Avoid Flash Photography Mistakes

    How To Avoid Flash Photography Mistakes

    If you’re a novice when it comes to photography, then you’ll understand that mastering your camera’s flash can be harder than you think. Just like any intentional lighting set up, you’ll find that even when you’re experimenting with various light sources it can result in blurry images, flashbacks and worst of all, annoying red eye. […]

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  10. Half term illustration projects for kids

    Half term illustration projects for kids

    Half term is upon us, which means there are kids up and down the country demanding extra entertainment. Whether you’re hoping to save the pennies or you’d like to unleash your child’s inner creative, we’ve put together a few ideas to keep them busy with drawing or painting. Whatever illustration project they plump for, perhaps […]

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