That’s why we have always encouraged our customers to submit unedited photos of themselves and their loved ones.

While we believe Photoshop and other picture editing software is useful for adjusting images and adding effects we don’t encourage their use to materially change who people really are whether that be to remove blemishes, make people look slimmer or to enhance their curves, muscles, height or other physical attributes.

Therefore we respectfully request all customers to submit images which have not been digitally adjusted in this way.

The reason for this is that we believe there’s a huge amount of pressure on everyone today, but particularly on young people, to look a certain way – and this is especially true across social media.

Edited images play a part in making people feel their natural body isn’t good enough in some way, which can lead to issues such as eating disorders along with all kinds of other physical and mental health problems.

We think everyone is beautiful in their own way and we want to encourage our customers to be happy in their own skin.

Therefore we kindly ask customers to consider sending us their photos unaltered in any way so that we can represent them as they and their loved ones truly are.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions please email