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In addition to photography books and blogs, there’s nothing we love more than relaxing with our tablet or smartphone and watching a bunch of photography YouTubers. From food to fashion, our subscription list is so long you couldn’t fit it on one of our canvas prints!

Watching YouTube channels is a great way to see the latest trends that are taking the industry by storm, not to mention they’re a fantastic way of improving your photography skills. From photography tips and techniques to styling and reviews, here at Parrot Print we’re going to tell you the photography YouTubers you need to pay attention to.

387,162 subscribers

If you’re an avid magazine reader, then you may have already heard of COOPH. COOPH is a community-focused online magazine about photography that celebrates individualism and expression. This YouTube channel is ideal for photographers who don’t want to invest in expensive equipment, as there’s plenty of DIY photography tutorials to get stuck into. There’s also an extensive range of tips, tricks and hacks.

Our favourite video - Ultimate travel photography tips

If you want to get your images featured in magazines, then check out our interview with not one, but two magazine editors.

Karl Taylor Photography
312,120 subscribers

Karl Taylor’s Masterclass Training Series is the ideal YouTube channel for those photographers who are lacking in experience or just want to polish up the finer details in their photos. You don’t have to be a professional to understand his videos, as Karl demonstrates achievable photography techniques in the simplest of ways. Once you’ve watched one of his videos, we’re sure you’ll agree he has a knack for explaining things in an entertaining and understandable way. This comes from several years of hosting photography lectures and boasting more than 15 years as a professional photographer.

Our favourite video - Shooting for black and white photos

Photography Food and Styling
1,649 subscribers

If you’re a food blogger or food photographer, then you need to check out Bianca’s Photography Food and Styling channel. She may only have a few followers compared to the others in this feature, but don’t let that put you off as she’s an award-winning food photographer and prop stylist. From improving your foodie photos to talking to other professionals in the food industry, Bianca offers a diverse range of videos that are filled with crucial information and great tips and techniques.

Our favourite video - Food styling tools

If you’re looking for foodie inspiration, Donal Skehan’s channel is also a good one to subscribe to. He’s not exactly a food photographer, however he’s worked for a range of food TV programmes and now has his own YouTube channel dedicated to making food. We’re sure you’ll agree that just looking at his gorgeous creations gives you an abundance of inspiration for your foodie pics.

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