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  1. The 10 Best Gift Ideas for Canvas Prints

    The 10 Best Gift Ideas for Canvas Prints

    Canvas prints look great on the walls of your home or office. Capture the moments in your life that matter and print them to last forever. A canvas print makes an affordable and thoughtful gift. If you have a special occasion for a loved one or a friend coming up, consider getting them a print to show them how much...
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  2. The Advantages of Canvas Prints

    The Advantages of Canvas Prints

    Today’s social media culture is an image-rich platform that inspires creativity. However, it’s causing a change in the way we capture and recall memories. Less than 15-years ago, if you wanted a picture, you had to use a real camera. Digital was around, but it was yet to reach mobile devices. After the invention of the smartphone camera, and the...
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  3. A Buyer’s Guide to Canvas Prints – Factors to Consider

    A Buyer’s Guide to Canvas Prints – Factors to Consider

    Are you thinking about giving someone a gift? Why not give your dad or mom a canvas print for Father's Day or Mother's Day this year? Is your daughter graduating from college? Why not get her a canvas print to remember the occasion? Canvas prints make great gifts, and they're also an excellent choice for adding décor around your home...
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  4. Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Canvas Prints

    Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Canvas Prints

    Sunday, the 21st of June 2020, is officially Father's Day in the United States and the UK. With that in mind, what does your father mean to you? How did he shape your life? It's on this day that we celebrate fatherhood, and what the father brings to the family dynamic. It's challenging to express the emotions we feel for...
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  5. Bathroom and Toilet Wall Art

    Bathroom and Toilet Wall Art

    We know that bathroom could be everyone’s best friend. Most of us spend hours just to collect ourselves, overthinking about things, our monologues where our script has been drafted if we were to encounter our enemies and sometimes the area of goal setting. It could be one of the great places to display something motivational and uplifting. In this age...
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  6. Personalised Family Print

    Personalised Family Print

    Having a customized print made is a great way to display memories as well as decorate and liven up your abode. Having a personalized print of your family tree or of family photos you took during a vacation can add a more meaningful and artistic touch to your living room. Maybe you’d want something a bit more out of the...
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  7. Kitchen Wall Art

    Kitchen Wall Art

    Decorating a kitchen can prove to be a bit difficult. There are a lot of things to consider when designing and creating a layout for a kitchen space. Not only does it need to be organized but it also needs to be a functional space since it is an area where someone will be preparing ingredients and cooking dishes. An...
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  8. Kids Wall Art for Early Education

    Kids Wall Art for Early Education

    The four corners of our homes primarily serve as the first wall that protect us in all outside rage, whether climate or disaster -- maybe for us as grown-ups but for kids? That is a different story. We all know that having kids at home means a lot of work, from waking up to serving meals, from household chores to...
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  9. Cool Office Wall Art Ideas

    Cool Office Wall Art Ideas

    If you’re like most people, the majority of your waking hours are spent in an office setting. Whether you work outside of the home or in, since you spend so much time in an office, you want the space to be as welcoming, appealing, and inspiring as possible. But if you’re staring at blank walls for hours on end, you...
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  10. Ultimate Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

    Ultimate Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

    A living room serves as the focal point of your home. It’s where you, family, and friends gather to relax, unwind, and just enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Since it’s such an important space, you want your living room to be as inviting and visually appealing as possible; things that blank walls just won’t...
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