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  1. Getting poetic for National Poetry Day

    Getting poetic for National Poetry Day

    Today, 6 October 2016, marks National Poetry Day – a mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical. The day is an initiative of the charity Forward Arts Foundation celebrating excellence in poetry and encouraging the reading, writing and listening of poetry. National Poetry Day was founded in 1994 by British entrepreneur and publisher William […]

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  2. Print ideas for International Coffee Day

    Print ideas for International Coffee Day

    International Coffee Day is all about the appreciation of this popular hot drink in terms of flavour, looks and the culture surrounding it. Coffee is the substance that wakes people up every morning and has also become the comforting, social treat in our leisure time. It is also a great subject for the next custom […]

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  3. Tap into the 1920s trends

    Tap into the 1920s trends

    The style of the 1920s has been identified as a big trend for A/W 2016 and we’re very pleased about that. What’s not to love about the glamour and decadence that this era provides? Plus, there’s so many ways to incorporate this trend into your home. Either with subtle touches here and there, or as […]

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  4. Could you set up a camera club?

    Could you set up a camera club?

    It can get a little lonely having an interest that none of your friends and family are interested in. Just think how more enthused you’ll be about photography if you surround yourself with like-minded people? Setting up your own camera club could be the perfect way to keep your passion alive and meet some great people […]

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  5. Photoshopping an Ex Out of a Photo

    Parrot Print – An Ex-Ceptional Canvas Sadly, not all relationships are built to last, and for those that don’t you’re often left with a stash of once-treasured photos long after you’ve said your last goodbyes. In the past, people have had to burn, delete, or in extreme cases, eat old photographs of past-lovers; those dark […]

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  6. The beauty of maps

    The beauty of maps

    With the hustle and bustle of everyday life getting in the way, it can be easy to forget how vast the earth is. This is where maps come into play as they remind us of how diverse and beautiful our planet is while also providing their own aesthetic pleasure. Although there seems to be a […]

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  7. Organisations For British Photographers

    Organisations For British Photographers

      At Parrot Print, we’re members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and have been featured on The Good Web Guide, so we understand the importance of being involved with the right organisations and associated with the right brands. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to broaden your career or an enthusiast who loves creating […]

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  8. Weird and wacky internet photo trends

    Weird and wacky internet photo trends

    When something new and exciting comes along in photography, everyone wants to get involved and see what all the fuss is about. Some photo trends are a little ‘out there’ and might only be short lived, but others can endure over decades of social change and photographic advances. Here’s our selection of some wacky photography […]

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  9. Exhibitions to catch this autumn

    Exhibitions to catch this autumn

    Get your cultural fix this autumn with our pick of interesting exhibitions to visit. Whether it’s a family day out, a romantic stroll through a gallery or a trip that inspires your next piece of photography, taking the time to appreciate another artist’s work can only help you to hone your photographic style. If this […]

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  10. 3 Autumn interiors trends to tap into

    3 Autumn interiors trends to tap into

    During the first half of 2016 we’ve fawned over rose gold, gone giddy over tropical prints and fussed over feature lighting, so what’s now and next when it comes to on trend interiors updates? As we wade head first into what has so far been a pleasantly warm Autumn, we take a little look at […]

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