1. Tips For Getting into Children’s Illustration

    Tips For Getting into Children’s Illustration

    Here at ParrotPrint, we work with all kinds of creative artwork and love to see all your illustration projects on canvas. If you love illustrating and have a particular interest in creating artwork that appeals to kids, you may have considered getting into children’s illustration professinally. But how do you turn an interest in illustration into […]
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  2. Celebrating International Sculpture Day

    Celebrating International Sculpture Day

    Calling all sculpture-lovers, International Sculpture Day is fast approaching so you best save April 24th in your diary. Also known as ID Day, International Sculpture Day was established by the International Sculpture Centre with the aim to raise awareness and appreciation of this form of art in communities around the world. International Sculpture Day beginnings Back in […]
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  3. Photographing The Eye

    Photographing The Eye

    Did you know that an image of someone with their eyes closed isn’t worth publishing? From editorial shoots to portraits, and even snaps of celebrities taken by the paparazzi, eyes are the main feature and without them an image is just not the same. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beauty blogger, capturing the […]
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  4. Birth Photography - the next big trend?

    Birth Photography - the next big trend?

    When capturing important life events, sometimes a smartphone just doesn’t cut it, which is why many parents-to-be are reportedly leaving it to the professionals more and more often. We've spoken on the blog before about the rise of maternity photography in the UK as well as sharing ideas for hosting your own mother-to-be shoots and pregnancy announcements. Now, […]
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  5. Vision board your next photography project

    Vision board your next photography project

    Have you had a photography project in mind for a while but are finding it a struggle to make it a reality? Today on the blog we're going to talk about organising your creativity into a vision board that clearly shows what you’re aiming for. Vision boards are a great way to focus your efforts and also happen to […]
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  6. Your Christmas canvas print advent calendar

    Your Christmas canvas print advent calendar

    You can find anything hiding behind the doors of an advent calendar these days. From gin-laden calendars through to quirky candles and even cosmetic products for beauty addicts, we’ve definitely progressed from the simple chocolate Christmas countdown. Today on the blog, we’re sharing some ideas for creating cute advent calendars of your own, using your […]
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  7. Your Christmas Light Photography Checklist

    Your Christmas Light Photography Checklist

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Snow is starting to fall, the John Lewis advert has made an appearance and people are beginning to switch on their Christmas lights. Whether it’s a neighbour’s display or the bright lights of the town centre, seeing the lights switched on is a tradition for man. Will you […]
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  8. The best firework displays around the world

    The best firework displays around the world

    Fireworks don’t just appear on Bonfire Night in the UK. In fact, the best firework displays happen throughout the year around the world. These huge bursts of colour are entertaining to many, but some shows are worth seeing more than others. If you’re interested in capturing some colourful explosions and blowing them up into your own fantastic […]
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  9. New Kids Bedroom Trends

    New Kids Bedroom Trends

    Spring brought us pastel hues, shades of grey and incorporating our children’s favourite cartoon characters using canvas prints, but what will the new season bring? Since autumn is officially here, we’ve taken a little look into what is influencing kids bedroom trends for the rest of the year… Create Custom Headboards Whether it’s the front […]
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  10. How do you use your GoPro?

    How do you use your GoPro?

    GoPro has established itself as the leading brand of personal video cameras. These cameras are heavily associated with extreme sports and adventurous activities - this is, after all, the reason they were developed in the first place. However, this isn’t the only use for these type of cameras, in fact, they have multiple photography uses. […]
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