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When it comes to home interiors we're not just about personalised canvas prints, although that is our speciality. Here at Parrot Print, we love giving you tips and advice on how to transform your house into a home. Today, we thought we'd share an introduction to feng shui, so you can master the art and sprinkle some positive vibes throughout your personal space.

What is feng shui?
The ancient art form of feng shui is considered by many to be a science. It emerged in China over 3,000 years ago and is still going strong. At first it can seem a little complicated but once you have a grip on the basics you'll start to automatically consider how to balance the energies of any space,bringing you health and good fortune in the process!

Interesting fact about feng shui
In Chinese, feng means wind and shui means water, and in this particular culture wind and water are considered to bring good health and good fortune. However, bad feng shui means bad luck and misfortune.

What does feng shui involve?
Feng shui involves every item in a room. You should carefully consider what you bring into each room, how you arrange it and how you maintain that room over time. The Chinese believe everything has an energy, even inanimate objects. Learning feng shui is supposed to help you guide that energy and allow it to flow freely throughout that room and the rest of your home.

What’s the biggest feng shui mistake?
When it comes to living rooms or dining areas the most common mistake is an awkward seating plan that’s doesn’t allow a conversation between guests to flow. For example if your sofa is far away from an armchair or if your seats are all pushed up against one wall, bring them closer together and utilise the space you have.

Keeping a clear flow
In general, furniture shouldn't be in your way when you're walking through your home. From bumping into tables to scraping past the back of your sofa, every pathway should be kept clear as this allows the energy to flow freely.

A variety of shapes
You don’t want harsh angles pointing at people so we suggest choosing a round coffee table, as this allows the energy to flow more freely. However, a mix of shapes throughout your home is important. Squares represent earth, rectangles represent wood, triangles represent fire and circles represent metal. Including all these elements gives any room a sense of balance. From canvas prints to lights, we’re sure you’ll be able to incorporate all of these shapes into your home.

The finishing touches
The Chinese believe you should surround yourself with beautiful things that mean something to you. This is where we think a few carefully chosen canvas prints would be perfect, as they’re not only an something that can hold sentimental value but are extremely easy to create. All you have to do is upload your image here.

What should I avoid?
You should try avoid using lights that point straight down as these fix the light into one spot. They focus all the energy into one place rather than highlighting the entire table or seating area. Just remember, ambient light is inclusive and spot lights are exclusive, what mood do you want to suggest?

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