Six canvas print ideas for music enthusiasts

Now that we’ve crept into November it’s inevitable that thoughts begin to turn to Christmas shopping. In the first of a series of gift idea posts from the creative types at Parrot Print headquarters, we’ll be looking at some unusual ideas for customised canvas prints that will stand out under the Christmas tree. First up, we look at canvas print ideas for music lovers; so if you have an aficionado in your life, get ready to hit some musical notes by popping these designs on your shopping list!

The artistic instrument print

Even before it’s strummed, plucked or otherwise played, an instrument can be full of beauty and makes a great subject for a canvas. The key to getting the best image possible for instrument prints is positioning the subject well and thinking about your background. You may also need to be aware of controlling the amount of shine in your shot as many instruments will have a lot of sheen on their surface.

The music in motion canvas

Whether it’s their first appearance in the school Christmas concert or a band’s debut gig, transferring a meaningful musical picture to canvas lets those closest to you look back on their musical journey. With this in mind, make sure you pack the camera when you head out to musical recitals of any kind this festive season.

Music memorabilia collage canvas

We’ve spoken before in our record corner ideas post about making music memorabilia collages and these make very thoughtful Christmas gifts. Why not collect together ticket stubs, plectrums and photos from concerts you’ve attended with your best friend or other half throughout the years? Position carefully, snap and transfer your image to canvas so your originals stay intact.

Festival and gigs print series

Was there a standout gig or concert that you and your mates went to this year? Did you manage to get some good photographs? Think about creating a calendar of magical moments or tell the story of the occasion with a series of smaller canvases or a split canvas.

Lyrics or songbook canvases

While you do need to be careful not to breach copyright, there’s a world of musical possibilities when it comes to representing music on canvas. Think about layering your favourite song lyrics over a photograph or mixing and matching with sections of a songbook. You’ll find lots of inspiration over on Pinterest, why not start making your own board of Christmas ideas?

Musical mantras

Do you find it hard to persuade a budding pianist to stick to their schedule? Why not layer a motivational mantra over a photo of their instrument? “I must practice my piano playing”, is a strong and simple message! You can layer your images using Photoshop or with the help of additional apps on Instagram.

Need any tips or advice on how to make the most of photographs as gifts? Our customised canvas prints are museum grade quality and our team is made up of photography enthusiasts, so please get in touch if you need any help.

Gifts for music lovers - photo to canvas