Vinyl is enjoying rather impressive resurgence in popularity at the moment. According to figures from the British Phonographic Industry, LP sales doubled in the UK last year with 780,000 records sold, the highest number in over 15 years.

If you are one of the thousands of people collecting new and vintage vinyl, you might enjoy our latest interior design ideas, which are all about creating your own special nook where you can listen your favourite records in style.

So, find yourself a comfortable chair, clear out a corner, plug in your headphones and try hanging some of these personalised canvas prints on the wall to get you in a musical mood.

 Put your gig and festival snaps to use

 It’s easier to recreate the sensation of a live performance when you’re looking at a photograph of the gig or festival where you saw the band, DJ or artist. Transfer your favourite gig and festival photos to canvas and add colour to your music corner. Pick out photographs taken in different places or combine images from the same festival in a split print and transfer to multiple canvasses in differing sizes. For tips to help you take the perfect festival photo, check out our recent festival photography post.

 Create your own greatest hits canvas

Vinyl covers and discs can look great on walls but you may feel understandably anxious about putting your prized possessions on display. Then there’s the size to consider – you may not be able to fit many full-sized sleeves on the wall. Instead, think about making your own greatest hits display featuring your best covers. This way, you’ll not only be able to fit in more of your favourites, you’ll also be able to choose how much space they take up by resizing the image when you create your own personalised print canvas. Arrange your covers and discs in interesting compositions, photograph and the upload for transfer to canvas.

Make a music memorabilia montage

It’s not just records that make up a music collection, there are likely to be other items you’ve picked up along the way – tickets, set lists, a plectrum or two and maybe even the odd drum stick. None of these items really lend themselves to easy display and even if you do manage to put them on show, the overall effect could be a little messy if not arranged carefully. Again, this is something that’s easily overcome with a bit of clever photography. You could choose to arrange and photograph your memorabilia by band or artist or in specific time periods. You might even want to use an Instagram filter to give your digital print a unique finish.

Start creating your own musical montage now by uploading your photo to transfer to canvas with our easy online tool.

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