The Parrot Print Canvas ethos is very much about making and sharing unique wall art that holds personal significance – whether it is a series of scenes captured on your favourite family trip or examples of your best handiwork to display on your walls.

Taking your custom canvas to the next level

The museum quality materials we use mean you get a superb finish for your customised canvas prints, just as you’d expect if you purchased some wall art from your favourite shop or gallery. And, thanks to the Instagram uploader, you’re able to transfer images to canvas that have been customised using different apps or you can choose to edit your work yourself with software such as Photoshop before uploading straight from your computer.

In our blog posts, we often talk about layering photographs with quotes or other images or adding finishing touches and tweaks to produce a personalised image. For example, you might choose to make a collage from smaller images or to distort an image or mix mediums. You could try bringing together artwork such as painting or drawing with photography by scanning images into your computer and editing together, creating a multimedia piece completely unlike any other.

Using embellishment

We produce photograph canvasses in a wide array of sizes, including custom options, this allows for a great scope of creativity for those who may want to turn their canvas print into more than just a 2D image. When producing your own custom wall art you could incorporate texture or an additional use, producing a 3D finish.

Got a great image that you’d like to turn into something extra special? Think about embellishing your canvas by adding things to the surface. You could create depth by gluing beads, sequins, buttons or other items onto your image. You may also consider spelling out a name or writing a quote over your photograph or multimedia creation.

Seriously crafty types may choose to work directly with the image – studding the canvas material or inserting a clock mechanism to transform the canvas into a personalised clock. The strength of our canvases does mean it is hard to sew directly onto them but an experienced craftsperson may want to try this – adding texture and colour to photographs. And, while you’re likely to have spent your younger years being warned by parents not to paint on the walls or art hung on them, taking your paintbrush to your custom canvas can help you transform your image. You could paint a personal mantra over a particularly strong image to mimic the inspirational quotes of Instagram or add interest to a fireworks shot by carefully applying a little glitter glue for extra sparkle.

We hope this post has given you some ideas that will help you take your own custom canvas prints to the next level and will perhaps inspire you to create some unique christmas gifts to give this Christmas too?

Have you embellished previous canvas prints in any way or added a further use to your wall art? If so, we’d love to hear from you and may even select your work to feature in a future post. Get in touch to share your handiwork!