Have you had a photography project in mind for a while but are finding it a struggle to make it a reality? Today on the blog we're going to talk about organising your creativity into a vision board that clearly shows what you’re aiming for. Vision boards are a great way to focus your efforts and also happen to be really fun to put together!

Check out the ParrotPrint guide to creating your own vision board.

The power of the imagination

Creative thoughts can come at any time and if action is not taken, these little gems can be put off and lost forever. So, when you are focused on a new project, it’s great to embrace it and have one space to explore your ideas. A vision board lets you bring a sensory dream to life, hopefully fuelling more ideas to add in to the mix!

You might see an autumn leaf on a walk, that represents the colour tones you want to capture, or a piece of fabric that reminds you of childhood. Maybe some of your older images hold the key to your vision for the next photography project?

With every addition to the board, the vision becomes clearer.


The great thing about vision boards is that you can use anything and everything that helps to create your visualisation of the project. Think feathers, material samples, leaves or even string. Add these gradually to build the texture of the board. Use anything that shapes the board into something that mirrors the goals of the photography project.

Maybe the coast is your inspiration, or even a hobby such as fishing – whatever the focus of your photography project, you’re sure to find lots of items (and textures) that help to represent what you’re looking to achieve.

Being able to feel what you’re going for as well as see it, really helps stimulate the senses and could help put in mind props, locations and subjects you want to approach next.

Photography 'inspo'

Don't be afraid to use the work of other artists to fill your vision board. When you feel inspired by something you see at a gallery, or in a magazine or newspaper, make it part of your board. Check out our post on what to see in February for photography exhibitions around the UK – your new project ‘inspo’ could be there…

Choose photography that matches thoughts of what you’d like to achieve, even if this is in part or in full. Your next photography project could be an homage to your favourite photographer . Whether this is an old great from the beginnings of the art form, or something contemporary and edgy from our own era.

By steadily piecing together what’s inspiring you, the puzzle will soon be a complete project. If you are part of a photography club, this is also an excellent way to present your final works as you can show your thought process as well as the finished product.

What you’ll find along the way is that you’re creating another mini creative project for your creative photography project – which is a piece of art in itself! This means that when your final vision is realised, you'll be able to display your vision boards alongside your photographs on canvas.

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