Spring is on its way. As the weather warms up, you could soon find yourself spending a little more time in your home’s conservatory. Make sure you make the most of this extra living space in the months ahead by giving it a stylish update that leaves it ready for entertaining or relaxation.

Give it some greenery

Houseplants are enjoying a real revival at the moment and your conservatory is the perfect spot for pretty pots and tall, structured leafy foliage. Plants are great at detoxifying the air around us and tending to them is said to be good for our mental health too. Colourful, green plants can really enhance the light and airy feel of a conservatory. While you don’t want your home and garden to become one, bringing a little of the outdoors in can make for beautiful blending spaces. And of course, it means you’ll have plants and flowers to enjoy without needing to venture outdoors on cooler or wet days.

Display your best work

Conservatory walls don't always provide the largest of surfaces areas on which to hang your choice of art. If space is at a premium, you’ll want to think carefully about which canvas art and photographs you place on display. If you use your conservatory as a quiet spot for working, check out our study décor ideas for a little inspiration.

Those who like to tuck themselves away in the conservatory to listen to their record collection may want to create suitable prints for a conservatory music corner.

Are you a bit of a bookworm? If your conservatory or garden room is the place where you curl up with your latest read, discover wall art ideas in our canvas prints for reading enthusiasts post. For those with little wall space to speak of, canvas desk prints are a great way to add pops of colour to your coffee table or sideboard.

Swap in a dining table

Rattan furniture is often at home in classically styled conservatories, but there’s no rule to say you need to stick to sofa and seats in your conservatory. In fact, styling a small breakfasting table or even a dining table is becoming a popular way to make more of conservatories. Adding a table and chairs to your conservatory area could help you and your family soaking up the sun while you read the morning newspaper and eat your toast.

Arranging your furniture around a table for eating can open up a range of hosting options too, from doubling as a drinks table for your garden party to dressing your conservatory as a space for a dinner party, swapping in your dining table can help you to improve the flow of guests at a party and allow everyone to comfortably chat underneath the stars. This Ideal Home article has some lovely ideas for transforming your conservatory space into a place to eat and entertain in style.

Are you looking forward to spending more time in your conservatory over the months ahead? Is yours a space for relaxing, entertaining or working?