There’s something about Spring and its Bank Holidays that seems to stir us Brits into action, fuelling a sudden urge to pick up a paint brush or lawn mower. If a few days spent at home over the Easter break has made you realise that a room or two is in need of a refresh, today on the blog we’re sharing some of the new season trends you may want to incorporate. From rich colour choices through to tropical and textures, let’s take a look at the interiors trends for Spring.

Rich, bold and bright

Muted hues like soft greys have reigned supreme for season after season but rich, bold and bright shades are now coming through. From glorious greens that work with the tropical and botanical trends also in play through to shades of violet, the colours in vogue are getting louder. Is it time to update your room with some canvas prints as a study of one of these stronger shades?

Plenty of pineapple

The motif of the season appears to be the Pineapple, which you’ll find splashed across homewares everywhere from Asda to John Lewis. Following firmly in the foot steps of the flamingo and cactus before it, pineapple prints and accessories are a playful way to add something interesting and a little quirky to your home. If you don’t fancy a pineapple throw on the sofa or a gold pineapple ice bucket, a nice canvas of a pineapple illustration or photograph is a nice easy alternative.

Totally textured

A change of colour or a cute motif isn’t the only way to draw the eye. Increasingly, texture is coming into play. Fringing, crochet; knitted items, basket weaving, embroidery and applique are just some of the ways this trend has surfaced. If you’re not the crafty type, why not snap some close up shots of textured items instead?

Beautiful botanicals

Florals never really go out of fashion in the home but they’re particularly prominent right now. Smaller flower prints are in demand. Think detailed and delicate to work with a colour scheme rather than working as a statement print. The look is more country cottage meadow than rainforest display.

A little bit of luxe

If you like a bit of glamour in your home, this is the trend for you. From opulent velvet covered furniture and furnishings through to brass and bronze light fittings and accessories, many of us will be stepping away from the minimal Scandi chic look to introduce some more traditionally luxurious finishes. A few canvas prints featuring the finer things in life should help you to channel your inner glamour puss.

Do you have any redecorating projects planned for the next few months? Will you be incorporating your take on any of the trends above or are you heading in a completely different direction? We’d love to know what you’ve got planned.