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If you’re looking for a unique and affordable way to completely transform the look of an entire wall, then you should consider splitting your favourite image across multiple canvas panels. Our split canvas prints are a powerful design approach compared to the classic canvas photo.

This form of photo-hanging is not only striking and eye-catching, but will also add a touch of personality to your room. It’s a great way to let your creative side out and experiment with split canvas prints of different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Here are Parrot Print we want to encourage creativity, so we’re going to briefly explain all about spilt canvas prints, so when you come to order one you’ll be an expert on them.

What are split canvas prints?
Split canvas printing is also known as panel printing and is a really easy concept to understand. Instead of one huge piece of canvas, you divide your image or concept into several smaller pieces. We say the word ‘concept,’ as your split doesn’t start off as one canvas, which gets divided into smaller panels; it’s more subtle and artistic than that. It starts with what shape and size panels you require and then the print is transferred on each section leaving you with a big impact, flexible arrangements, and intimate presentation.

How do split canvas prints work?
Split canvases work by transferring your image onto various shapes that makes one complete photo. Here at Parrot Print we offer two types of split canvas prints; diptych and tryptch canvas. Diptych is where you’re able to spilt your photo into two panels and triptych means you’re able to split your canvas into three panels. When you upload your image here, we’ll ensure that the quality, colour, finish, and everything else is taken care of, so you can enjoy your favourite picture in this exciting new style.

What do you use split canvases for?
Split canvas prints can be arranged effectively in several rooms in your home or even at your place of work. Some examples include:

- Panoramas. These types of photos, whether they’re of special occasions or your holidays, because they’re a large photo make for great split canvas prints. Taking a treasured memory and splitting it into smaller pieces and hanging them tightly together will achieve a real impact, as well as create a fun factor.

- If you want to get even more creative, why not try taking a subject from different angles using different frames instead of a panorama. You could even use our advised editing apps to change each image into a different colour, which will result in various takes on one image. This will certainly demand attention from everyone who passes it.

If you want to don the walls of your office space with various split canvas prints, then make sure you check out our canvas ideas for the workplace to give you a little inspiration.

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