When we give ideas for canvas prints on the blog we often share how tos for the home or items you can give as gifts. However, many of our customers are corporate clients who use large canvas prints to transform their work environment. Rather than simply talking about the types of businesses who are buying large canvas photo prints, we thought we’d talk about the different reasons they can be put to good use at a corporate level. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

As a display of products or services
Where clients have a product or services to sell that can be easily displayed in images on canvas in places like hair and beauty salons or even bakery or restaurants, it’s easy to understand how a canvas print can be used as part of the décor theme and even the buying cycle. Grooming parlours that display photographs of quaffed pets and photography studios where professionals want to add another dimension to their displays are just two more examples of places where prints of all sizes can be used with impact.

To give instructions
You could show your gym customers the ideal squat position using an image on canvas or to direct your visitors in particular direction using a canvas print that combines imagery, captions or a simple arrow. Large canvas prints don’t need to be used for photographs alone, they can use all kinds of icons and typography to help you disseminate a message. Upload your finished design and we’ll transfer it to canvas for you.

To support staff culture
Staff culture is recognised an important factor for employee engagement and retention and is increasingly element for companies when it comes to choosing who they do business with. Let staff, visitors and potential business partners know what your staff culture is about by displaying canvas prints of staff events, achievements and other milestones on your walls.

To place your business in context
It’s not just the people and products that make a business, many businesses rely on the local landscapes or have strong ties to local communities and produce. Celebrating the things around you using large wall art prints of the local area or places where components of your products and services or sourced can place your business in context for all visitors to your office.

If your business has been in one location for a long time or has moved you can use canvas prints to tell the history of the company or place. Transferring old images onto canvas allows for better display and means you can store your old photographs safely – just scan and upload and we’ll do the rest for you!

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