Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Canvas Prints

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Canvas Prints

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Canvas Prints

We put together this list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Canvas Prints

Sunday, the 21st of June 2020, is officially Father's Day in the United States and the UK. With that in mind, We put together this list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

what does your father mean to you? How did he shape your life? It's on this day that we celebrate fatherhood, and what the father brings to the family dynamic.

It's challenging to express the emotions we feel for our parents into words. However, as the old saying goes, "a picture says a thousand words." This Father's Day surprise your dad with a canvas print.

Choose a Moment that Matters

Selecting the right photo to embody your relationship with your father is a tough call to make. It's always better to get some input from your mom or siblings when picking out the photos for your canvas print.

You'll need to decide if you want to include a collage of moments or focus on one particular picture that tugs at your heartstrings. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure that you select a moment that matters for both you and your father.

Think back and spend a few days reminiscing about the moments in your life where you admired your father or helped you with an achievement. We all have these moments, and some of us are blessed enough to have many of them.

When selecting the photos for a collage, leave them out on your dresser for a few weeks and take your time in choosing a new photo every day. You'll have plenty of great ideas for a Father's Day canvas print collage in a week or two.

Picture or Quote?

When picking out your picture for your Father's Day canvas print, you also have the option of adding a quote. Maybe your dad has a famous saying that he always likes to tell the family. Printing this on the canvas along with an image of your dad makes a fantastic Father's Day present that will stir emotions in your old man.

Maybe your dad likes a certain leader, actor, or musician. Take one of their favorite quotes and include them in your canvas print design. Get creative with your quotes and choose something that you feel embodies the character of your dad.

A Timeline into the Past

Connect with your mom and drag out the old pictures of your dad as a young man. Plan a collage or multi-panel canvas print design that walks your old man through his life as an adult. Grab five or six pictures that show his progression from single to husband, and eventually to family man and father.

A timeline design is a great print idea. Watch your father's face as he looks over the photos in the collage and admires his handy work.

Go Big or Go Small?

When picking out your canvas print, you'll need to decide on the right size canvas to match the space in your folk's home.

If your folks downsized because all the kids moved out of the nest, there's no point getting him a large landscape canvas. Stick to something small that they can hang in the bedroom or the lounge as a reminder of you all.

However, if your parents have the wall space, then the bigger, the better.

A landscape of the family, focusing on your father as the head of the picture, will make for a fantastic and thoughtful Father's Day gift.

Types of Canvas Prints

So, what options do you have for your canvas print Father's Day gift? It might surprise you to learn that there are plenty of options available. By the end of this section, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed for choice.

Here are the types of canvas prints you can purchase for your Father's Day present this year.

Single Prints

Single prints are the most popular canvas prints on offer. Most people will find that a single print accommodates what they need out of the picture, without the need to start getting complex with their order.

Single prints are great for anything, from headshots to wide panoramic. When selecting your single canvas print, the biggest thing you need to focus on is the size of your print. From small square prints to large landscapes, you have plenty of options to suit your design ideas.

Here are the most common single canvas sizes:

  • 8 "x 8"
  • 12"x 8"
  • 16"x 20"
  • 18"x 24"

When selecting your canvas size, make sure you measure the area in your parent's home where you think they'll hang the print. Use a measuring tape to take some dimensions, and they settle on the right size print to fit the space.

Multi-Print Wall Displays

Multi-print designs are a great way to break up a large photo print into a different look and feel. There are plenty of options in this department as well. You could print a large center portrait of dad holding you as a baby. On the outside of that, you could create a border with two photos on either side.

One of the four photos could be you at your graduation, you on your wedding day, and other life events you shared with your dad that was special. A multi-print design allows you to get more into your canvas print design, and it's a good choice for larger display areas in the home.

Photo Collages

Photo collages are a great way to arrange multiple photos on one canvas print. There are plenty of layout designs to choose from when selecting your collage. Choose from a twin side-by-side view, a tri-view setup, a quad-photo setup, and many other creative designs.

Choose pictures that tell a story and bring meaning to both you and your dad. Before you settle on your photo choices, run them past your family members for their input. A collage is a great way to bring many different family moments together in a central theme.

After selecting your photos, send them to the printer and ask them to design you a collage based on your special instructions. The printer should send you one or two designs and ask you for your input. After settling on your favorite design, the printer will print it and prepare it for delivery.

Split Canvas Prints

A split canvas print is an attractive design that suits large portrait or landscape pieces. Instead of printing your photo on one single canvas, the designer splits it over three, four, or even five different canvasses. It's going to be challenging to choose one photo from the hundreds you have of your dad.

A split canvas looks great on a bedroom wall or in the lounge. These designs are typically larger display pieces that require a decent amount of room for display. If your folks have a condo or smaller home, then stick with a single design instead.

We suggest you take a few days to go through your collection of pictures before you settle on your final choice., Narrow down a shortlist of your favorite three pictures, and then leave them in a place where you can see them every day for a week. By the end of the week, you'll know which photo you want to print.

Hexagonal Canvas Prints

A hexagonal canvas print is a new design that's gaining popularity across the US and Europe. With this canvas, you can link them together in the same fashion as a split or multi-print canvas design. Hexagonal canvas prints come in designs featuring anywhere from one to five hexagons, and you can also use them in the same split or multi-print design.

Choose your hexagon print to set up with the point facing upward, or the flat side. Link it with up to five other hexagons for a dramatic display that takes your dad's breath away.

Framed Canvas Prints

The best part about canvas prints is that they look great without a frame. However, you might want to frame your print for a classy approach, especially if your parents have traditional décor. A framed canvas print uses the same materials and inks ads a regular canvas print.

However, the difference is in the finishing of the print. With a framed finish, you can choose a border material that accentuates the other fixtures and design features in your home. Some people may think that a canvas print looks tacky if left unframed. However, framing a print is painless and usually inexpensive.

Choose the Gift that Characterizes Your Dad this Father's Day

Your dad is one of a kind, and he probably means the world to you. This Father's Day gives him a thoughtful gift he won't expect. The printed canvas as a gift is a great way to celebrate fatherhood and show your old man how much you care.

It all starts with the first step towards designing your canvas print. Contact your printer today and start working with your designer to create a canvas print that makes your dad's Father's Day this year.

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