Having a customized print made is a great way to display memories as well as decorate and liven up your abode. Having a personalized print of your family tree or of family photos you took during a vacation can add a more meaningful and artistic touch to your living room. Maybe you’d want something a bit more out of the box and get a personalized cartoon family print instead. Canvas prints are a great way to bring these meaningful works or pictures to life since they are incredibly customizable and versatile. These pieces are made by printing images onto canvases which can be framed or left as they are. Once completed, a canvas print can make your photos look just like a painting and is a great decoration to have in any home.

Canvas prints are incredibly conformable pieces that can vivify and enliven a space, whether it is a living room or an office, or maybe even the inside of a restaurant. At the end of the day, all types of decorations help make any space feel more pleasant and delightful. Staying in a room that makes a person feel positive is very rewarding to one’s emotional and mental well-being.  One way that decorations impact people is that it can greatly stimulate and appeal to a person’s senses. The stimulation of any and/or all of the bodily senses is one of the main reasons why people purchase items for their homes and other personal spaces; to invoke sensations that feel, sound, look, taste, or smell good. Another great thing about decorations is that they can be related to time. Different styles and aesthetics have come and gone over the years. Many of them are even being revived today. This shows that different eras can be encapsulated in a room depending on how it is designed and decorated. Classical art and antiques might make the room feel more aged and vintage. On the other hand, sleek and minimalist pieces may give the room a more modern and hipper vibe. Moreover, people have certain expectations about how a room would function, look, and feel. For example, one would expect a bedroom to be comfortable and serene. Sometimes, people might feel the need to go for something out of the ordinary. Finding a balance between meeting expectations and adding creative twists is a vital element in giving a room a certain atmosphere. Any room or space should give a person a different experience. This way, the space itself becomes more impactful and memorable. Canvas prints are just one of the many decorations that can add a little bit of extra flare to a room.

A great quality of canvas is that it is very durable. It is usually made with materials such as hemp, cotton, linen, or polyester. Additionally, the kind of material used to make the canvas may affect the final look of the print. Cotton, for example, can better absorb the colors and ink during printing which makes the print last longer. On the other hand, polyester allows for the ink to remain on the surface of the fibers making the colors of the print look much bolder and more vivid. It is also usually more affordable. This makes canvas prints very adjustable and flexible to what the customer may be looking for. Moreover, they can be used to balance out and complement more traditional decorations, like framed prints or photographs, and can help give the room a certain atmosphere. Canvas prints are very eye-catching and can be used for almost any kind of interior. They are very adaptable pieces and are much easier to place around. They are also very light and give the room a bit more depth or added texture. Mixing them with framed pieces or other decorations is a great way to pull a room’s aesthetic together.

Aside from this, it adds a great deal of sentimental value to decorations. The customer can have a fully personalized family print with their dog and it will come out looking like a painted family portrait. It would be a fun and quirky decoration to have around the house, but more importantly, it would be a meaningful and significant piece for the whole family. A canvas print is something that will be around for quite a long period of time and can be a very memorable part of one’s home.

However, there are a number of things to consider before getting a canvas print made. Some people might still prefer other kinds of decorations over canvas prints, and there are a number of reasons why that could be. There is a wide variety of other prints that can be custom-made. One of the more common and widely available options is getting a framed print or photograph. An advantage that this kind of print has is that the photos inside the frame can be swapped or replaced any time. The frames may also be customized to better match the room it is placed in. However, the frame may make the piece more difficult to carry around. Larger and more intricately designed frames are also much pricier. Another option would be acrylic prints which are printed on sheets photo paper. These kinds of pieces may also be printed on sheets of glass, allowing the photo to have more depth. An acrylic print will have very vivid and accurate colors as well as a heavier weight and glossier finish. Art prints are also another kind of piece which are made on cardstock. They usually have a matte finish and differ greatly from canvas prints in terms of size, texture, price, and the overall look. Metal prints, on the other hand, are photos printed on metal panels. Aluminum is commonly used to make these prints. These pieces give the smoothest and most polished finish, and are the least prone to breakage considering that it is printed on metal. It can, therefore, be expected that metal prints will also be on the pricier side.

Once the customer is decided on getting a canvas print, it is widely customizable. Every part of the piece is dependent on what the customer decides like the size, shape, layout, and design. They can be perfectly designed to really pull together and liven up a space. Size refers to how big they want the piece to be. Small canvases or mini canvases can be small as 2x2 inches. A large canvas can reach up to 76x38 inches. However, this may vary depending on where you will have the print made. Canvas sizes can be more generally grouped into mini canvases, small, medium, and large. The canvas can also have different shapes but the most common ones are the square and rectangle. A square canvas has equal lengths on all sides. Making use of squares is an easy way to create a stylish and clean arrangement. A grid design is a classic way to arrange multiple square canvases. A rectangle canvas is made up of two pairs of sides with one pair having a longer length than the other pair. It is a shape that can be used to help balance out a wall with an irregular space or uneven layout. It can also help to elongate the room and make it look bigger, taller, or wider. A canvas print may also be made with either a single canvas layout or multi-panel layout. Single canvases are well-suited for creating bold pieces or if the customer wishes to keep more focus on the subject in the print. They are also recommended for decorating small areas wherein multiple decorations might make the room appear too stuffy or cramped. Larger spaces can be decorated with multi-panel canvases which are composed of more than just one print. This is an eye-catching layout because it makes the eye travel all over the piece. It is great for telling stories as well as capturing landscapes and sceneries.

Afterwards, it is also an important factor to determine how the print will be displayed once it is finished. If the customer wishes to have it hanged, there are a number of ways to do so. The canvas can simply be nailed or drilled onto a surface like a wall. This, of course, would require additional materials like nails, screws, a hammer, or a drill. It can also be hanged on a hook which makes it easier to remove and replace the piece. Adhesive strips can also be used so that the print can be easily attached onto a surface without needing any other tools.

A customer might be worried that the canvas print will fade after some time. However, investing in a high quality ink can help the prints to last as long as possible. It is also important to make sure that the prints are made to be UV resistant so that they can withstand a certain level of exposure from the sun. Canvas prints should be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Additional measures that can be taken to further preserve these pieces are to have them framed or encased in glass. Some popular canvas print designs are landscapes, sceneries, portraits, animals, inspirational quotes, and abstract or contemporary art. Almost anything can be printed onto a canvas with assistance and recommendations from the right people.