There might only be two days left until Christmas but there’s still time to send a family Christmas card if you opt to send an image by email. You could save money and send a more personalised greeting by shooting a great snap of you and the family and sending it to friends and family electronically. Even better, why not keep a copy for your wall by having the image transferred to canvas? That way you can keep a record of your artistic efforts, which can double up as creative Christmas decorations next year! Here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Take notes from the politicians
One of the great things about the internet is the fact we get to see the Christmas cards sent by the rich and famous now even if we don’t happen to be on their Christmas card list. While we don’t all have a professional photographer on hand to help is set the perfect festive scene, we can look at these creations for some useful dos and don’ts. Let’s start with the political leaders of the UK, as this BBC article reveals the Prime Minster plumped for a snap of himself and his wife outside number 10 while Jeremy Corbyn chose a photograph of a snowy bicycle. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron's card featured the artistic efforts of a school girl who won a competition. Take your tips from the top and opt for a shot in front of your home, one that puts your hobby in focus or relies on the design talents of your nearest and dearest.

Set your Christmas scene
The weather has been unseasonably warm so far, which doesn’t bode well for snowy landscape shots. That doesn’t mean you can’t paint your own wintry scene though – you may just have to cheat a bit! Create close up ice shots using ice frozen in trays in your freezer or have fun with paper snowflakes. It may take a few goes to get your falling snowflakes captured perfectly in shot, so take turns and create an action packed family portrait. If you’re the lucky parent of a baby or toddler you may want to get fantastically festive by planning your own Elf on a Shelf shoot like this photographer dad.

Do you send traditional Christmas cards or e-cards? Do you take a festive family portrait shot or do you like to do something a little different? We’d love to hear your ideas for family Christmas cards .