In todays post we're taking look at unique gifts for newborns.

A few weeks ago we came over all stork like and posted some ideas for creative pregnancy announcements that could be turned into some rather impressive custom canvas prints. In plenty of time for Mothering Sunday, we’re fast-forwarding things a little and ignoring the usual nine month gestation period to bring you some ideas for personalised canvas prints that would make ideal presents for the parents of new babies. Whether you want to give a gift right after the birth or are looking for something with sentimental value to give as a christening gift, these personalised print ideas are perfect for hanging in the nursery…

A very first birthday card

They might not be quite ready to blow out candles or eat birthday cake but a baby’s very first birthday is on their day of birth. As they probably won’t remember much of this particular birthday, why not give them a helping hand by collecting some memories for them? You could take a photograph of friends and family holding a Happy Birthday sign or make a collage of things that happened on the day – from news headlines to a photo of the sky to record the weather, think of yourself as the baby’s birthday biographer.

What’s in a name?

Mums and Dads spend a lot of time choosing the right name for their offspring, so while we’re sure they’re not about to forget the name they’ve selected, you might want to create a piece of artwork to honour their choice. To make the print extra special, you may want to insert your own illustrations between the letters or write a few words giving the meaning behind the name.

Facts to remember

The date, the time, the weight of the baby – they’re the essentials parents share when there’s a new arrival. Create your own baby fact sheet ready to be transferred to canvas as a point of reference for visitors and guests and or course, baby when they’re old enough to read!

An illustrated canvas print height chart

Height charts make great gifts for little ones and by printing your design onto a long portrait canvas they’ll have their own unique chart they can take with them if they move home in the future. Decorate with photographs or illustrations, the name of the child and their ‘height’ and weight at birth and they’ll have a record of their childhood parents will treasure.

A rhyme for the nursery

A child’s nursery isn’t complete without a nursery rhyme or two. Make them feel extra special by creating a customised canvas print of one of the classics just for them – work their name into the words of the story and layer over a photograph or drawing that illustrates the tale.

What do you think of our gift ideas for new arrivals? Do you have any of your own you’d like to share or have you been given a particularly thoughtful present in the past?