When something new and exciting comes along in photography, everyone wants to get involved and see what all the fuss is about. Some photo trends are a little ‘out there’ and might only be short lived, but others can endure over decades of social change and photographic advances.
Here’s our selection of some wacky photography trends that have caused a stir on the internet. Be sure to tag us in your weird and wonderful photographs (that could become your next canvas print) on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Pets as people

Pet photography is less of a trend and more of a photography staple. There is, however, a marked increase in the trend of pets as people. The pet clothing business is booming right now and this is because people love to dress up their dogs and cats as little people. Think bow ties, wigs and little jackets etc.
A great example of this trend comes from Instagram star Tuna (tunameltsmyheart) - a little Chiweenie breed of dog who has an extreme overbite, making him look a little geeky. He has 1.8 million followers and is partial to wearing the odd bandana, a hoody, a t-shirt or a little bowtie for special occasions!
Although this trend is super cute, be sure to make the pet as comfortable as possible and if they’re not into wearing clothing then let them be. Read our post on why respecting nature is so important in photography.

Snapchat filters

Whether it’s the doggy filter, the voice changing deer or even the yellow butterfly hairband, the Snapchat filter is infiltrating all social media channels with many taking selfies using only these filters.
Having the ability to mess around with the way your face looks (with no effort needed) can make the least likely to be vain, a little bit obsessed with their reflection! This photo trend is very popular at the minute, and if Snapchat can keep up with demand for new filters, you can be sure this one will be around for a while.


For this trend, we would place it firmly in the ‘weird’ category. Nutscaping is the controversial art of finding a beautiful vista, dropping your trousers (men only) and taking a picture of it bent over and through your legs making sure the ‘nuts’ get into shot.
I think it’s safe to say that this trend will be a flash in the pan…

Dangerous selfies

You might be over the selfie by now but it is a photography trend that is here to stay. The problem with taking selfies is that many feel the need to up the stakes, and interest levels, by taking these photos in sometimes dangerous locations. In the last few years, there’s been many deaths in part due to the action of taking a selfie somewhere risqué.
Take the selfie stick for example. This has now been banned in several areas because of people’s lack of interest in their surroundings while trying to get the perfect shot – putting themselves and others in danger. Selfies can be weird and wacky but not at the expense of safety.
While it’s great to let loose and have a bit of fun with your photography, it’s important to bear in mind the consequences. Especially if you are perching precariously on a mountain edge to get the perfect selfie!