The style of the 1920s has been identified as a big trend for A/W 2016 and we’re very pleased about that. What’s not to love about the glamour and decadence that this era provides? Plus, there’s so many ways to incorporate this trend into your home. Either with subtle touches here and there, or as a bold homage to this decade in our history.

Check out the Parrot Print guide to tapping into the 1920s trend, including some ideas for your next big canvas print…

Roaring 20s

There’s always been a strong appreciation for this era but with film and TV paying special attention to it in recent years, as with Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and the hugely popular Downton Abbey, this trend has made a firm comeback.

Think luxurious materials, elegant lines and statement pieces to getting it right. Don’t worry too much about cost though, as you can do a lot with small touches of luxury.

In your home

To give the impression of the roaring 20s in your décor, add little touches of luxury such as marble-effect (or actual marble if you have the budget) clocks, statement mirrors and even cashmere pillows dotted about your living room. Statement mirrors in bathrooms are a big trend this autumn so you’ll be ticking off two style trends in one go!

Metallics and mirrored surfaces add to the theme so be bold with seemingly mundane pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, desks and - of course – a vintage drinks cabinet. You could even host a 20s style party to show off the new additions and to make good use of the new drinks cabinet…

Don’t forget the artwork too. Read our guide on creating the perfect vintage Hollywood photoshoot so you can create some fitting 1920s-style canvas prints for your home - they look great on medium ones.


Spark your creativity by taking inspiration from areas that still have art deco buildings to take pictures of. The results could end up becoming part of the 1920s decoration in your home. If you’re near to London, this guide from the Telegraph shows you some of the most striking art deco buildings in the city. You’re sure to come home with a selection of great images.

The art deco period in architecture is characterised by bold geometric patterns and dramatic flourishes that will look very good immortalised on canvas.

If you love the 1920s trend, why not see what other style tips you can incorporate into your home, and photography, with our post on three autumn interiors trends. With some careful shopping and a vision for the overall look, you can give your home the style update it is crying out for.