There’s no denying how cute new arrivals are but though they are fabulously photogenic, it’s not actually all that easy to capture babies at their best! We’ve shared some tips on baby photography on the blog before in our post Take a baby snap to rival Will and Kate’s and they proved very popular. So, in the run up to Christmas when lots of you may be planning on gifting baby canvas prints to friends and relatives, we thought we’d share a few more. Do you have any of your own tips to share with others? If so, please add a comment below.

Preparing baby

In their first few weeks you’ll likely encounter lots of special moments but you won’t necessarily be gifted with forewarning about their arrival. Keeping your smartphone on hand will ensure you have a better chance of capturing your little one’s first smile but you may want to take a more planned approach to getting a range of images suitable for transfer to canvas.

It’s become very popular to photograph newborns in sleeping poses accompanied by various props such as textured blankets and cute little hats. This approach has become popular in part because newborns spend so much of their time with their eyes closed. Photographing babies while they sleep also allows the photographer to put baby into different positions for photographing. To take this type of photo at home, you’ll need to time your shoot to tie in with your baby’s usual feeding schedule. Babies with full tummies tend to fall asleep. With this in mind, you’ll want to prep your props and background and get your camera ready for that magical moment when baby nods off.

Of course, not all newborns are completely accommodating when it comes to napping on demand or staying asleep. You’ll therefore need to shoot fast and have in mind what you’d like to shoot before you get started. Just in case they do wake up, have mum or dad on hand with a familiar toy or comfort blanket and a dummy if they use one. Squeaky toys and mums and dads voices can be really great tools in persuading baby to look at the camera and to smile, so ensure you have everything and everyone you need before you get snapping.

Baby photography props

Babies often look sporting simply what they were born in, but beware if you want to take au naturel shots you’ll need to have a nice warm room to shot in and be prepared for accidents. Many photographers choose to take photos of newborns with their nappies still on but cleverly disguised using linens and blankets in different natural colours. These help to highlight baby’s delicate features and skin tone.

As well as introducing different textures with blankets, rugs and shawls, you might want to take a few snaps of baby in fun outfits. Changing a young baby without waking them is often a tricky task; so consider carrying out partial outfit changes using cute hats and other accessories rather than full on novelty outfits. A favourite soft toy can make a fun prop that helps direct baby to look at the camera. Alternatively, you could incorporate something with sentimental value such as a parent’s wedding ring or photograph of a relative.

Whether you’re shooting as a fun way to spend time with baby or to make memories for the future, transferring your best photos to canvas will help you remember the day for years to come. Newborn canvas prints make great Christmas, birthday and special occasion gifts for relatives too. There are so many magical moments that can be captured on camera with young children, why not check out our how to for a Cake smash shoot to carry out when they are a little bit older?


Do you have any tips newborn photography tips of your own to share? Do you prefer to keep things nice and natural or do you like to use fun props in the shoot?