You can find anything hiding behind the doors of an advent calendar these days. From gin-laden calendars through to quirky candles and even cosmetic products for beauty addicts, we’ve definitely progressed from the simple chocolate Christmas countdown. Today on the blog, we’re sharing some ideas for creating cute advent calendars of your own, using your very own photos. Here are a few ways you can deck your halls with calendar canvas prints…

Numbered illustrated prints

Got an artist in the family? Now is their time to shine! Simply upload their illustrations and print to a canvas size of your choosing and line your hall with the numbered prints. If the pictures themselves aren’t treats enough, you could try hanging small treats under each number or choosing small surprises that will sit on the inside rim of the print. When it’s time to open the window, simply lift off the print and help yourself to the delights behind the doors!

Festive photo calendar prints

Do you have a stash of seasonal prints you’d like to put to better use? If you’ve been out and about, attending Christmas light switch-ons with the help of our checklist. Or, trying to capture your family’s best side for your annual Christmas card, you could give your artistic endeavours an airing with your own calendar print wall. Simply select 25 of your most festive images, transfer them to canvas and hang in a prominent position for all of the family. Again, you could choose to put little surprises for all the family behind each print. Another option would be to put a new print up until Christmas Day arrives when you’ll have your own Christmas gallery.

If you haven’t yet got a stack of Christmassy images to work with, why not get started on a personal photography project? You could capture Christmas scenes, intriguing looking antique doors or the festive shenanigans in your own family home.

Do you have your own advent calendar? Have you been pining for an advent house with a bottle of wine hidden behind each door? Or do you prefer to light a traditional candle or to guess the shape of the chocolate before the advent calendar door swings open? Just design it on a larger canvas print like here.