November 2016

  1. More newborn photography shoot tips

    More newborn photography shoot tips

    There’s no denying how cute new arrivals are but though they are fabulously photogenic, it’s not actually all that easy to capture babies at their best! We’ve shared some tips on baby photography on the blog before in our post Take a baby snap to rival Will and Kate’s and they proved very popular. So, in the run up to...
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  2. What is photojournalism?

    What is photojournalism?

    Photojournalism is the telling of stories through images. This form of journalism is highly revered with many photojournalists travelling to war-torn countries to document key events, suffering and injustices. It is also a job that tries to capture the mood and meaning behind moments of life. This type of photography requires the person to integrate themselves enough to be near...
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  3. Has the camera had its day?

    Has the camera had its day?

    When it comes to photography, you don’t need to be a pro to notice that there have been some serious developments in the technology world. Just look at the latest iPhone release. Here at Parrot Print, we’re taking a look at how smartphones have developed, how photography brands are changing and talking to professionals to see if the camera really has...
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  4. Your Christmas canvas print advent calendar

    Your Christmas canvas print advent calendar

    You can find anything hiding behind the doors of an advent calendar these days. From gin-laden calendars through to quirky candles and even cosmetic products for beauty addicts, we’ve definitely progressed from the simple chocolate Christmas countdown. Today on the blog, we’re sharing some ideas for creating cute advent calendars of your own, using your very own photos. Here are...
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  5. Your Christmas Light Photography Checklist

    Your Christmas Light Photography Checklist

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Snow is starting to fall, the John Lewis advert has made an appearance and people are beginning to switch on their Christmas lights. Whether it’s a neighbour’s display or the bright lights of the town centre, seeing the lights switched on is a tradition for man. Will you be heading to a  switch...
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  6. The best firework displays around the world

    The best firework displays around the world

    Fireworks don’t just appear on Bonfire Night in the UK. In fact, the best firework displays happen throughout the year around the world. These huge bursts of colour are entertaining to many, but some shows are worth seeing more than others. If you’re interested in capturing some colourful explosions and blowing them up into your own fantastic canvas prints, check out these...
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  7. Photography exhibitions to see November 2016

    Photography exhibitions to see November 2016

    Every month we like to handpick a selection of photography exhibitions for you to check out. Seeing other artists’ work helps you to hone your skills and fuels your imagination for future projects and custom canvas print creations. Check out the Parrot Print selection of photography exhibitions November 2016. London Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s Where: Photographers’ Gallery in Soho...
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  8. Online publications for illustrators

    Online publications for illustrators

    Illustration is such a beautiful and expressive art form that one can easily be lured away from photography into creating illustrations or even combining the two. Whether you’re a seasoned drawing pro or just picking up a pencil to give it a go, this list of online illustration magazines is a great resource for fuelling your illustrative imagination. After all, there's always...
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