Illustration is such a beautiful and expressive art form that one can easily be lured away from photography into creating illustrations or even combining the two.

Whether you’re a seasoned drawing pro or just picking up a pencil to give it a go, this list of online illustration magazines is a great resource for fuelling your illustrative imagination. After all, there's always something to learn from the greats...

Ammo Magazine


Ammo Magazine has become a collector’s item among illustrators for it’s unusual size (A5) and colourful content. The publication has been going since 2009 and was founded in the UK. However, it features an array of internationally based illustrators, bringing together talent from around the world.

The company, Ammo, also produces special edition books, curates illustration projects and organises live illustration events. Check out the artist directory on the site to see who has been featured so far.

3x3 Magazine


Described as the “first publication devoted entirely to the art of contemporary illustration”, 3x3 Magazine is published in the United States and distributed worldwide.

3x3’s mission is to share what’s shaping international illustration and to preserve, protect and promote illustration. The magazine strives to advance the careers of the best illustrators, while nurturing the talent of the next generation.

Print Magazine


This magazine, founded in 1940, seeks to “to build a dialogue about design by detailing the intersections of art and culture.”

Print is less of a how-to and more of a discussion about why the world of design looks the way it does. It also considers how print has evolved and why the way it looks matters. It covers a broad range of art forms including illustration, and focuses on visual culture today.

Juxtapoz Magazine


Check out the online version of the monthly contemporary and underground art bible, Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine. Founded in 1994, Juxtapoz documents and makes accessible the creative life – including an excellent illustration section with interviews, previews and conversational pieces.

The mag is all about defining and celebrating urban alternatives and underground contemporary art. Pick it up to date with the greatest illustrators and the fresh blood making a splash in illustration.

Varoom Magazine


Called the “illustration report”, Varoom is a large format publication that discusses contemporary illustrated image in depth. It has features and interviews with illustrators, designers and other creatives, as well as covering every aspect of contemporary illustration by leading commentators.

Varoom gives voice to expert contributing editors on what has impressed them in illustration over the last few months.

Illustration Magazine


Illustration is a beautiful and scholarly magazine that is published every quarter. It is devoted to the history of American illustration, and has been running since 2001.

Over one hundred artists have been discussed in the magazine, giving new information on the illustrators of the past. Although a print publication, you can view the magazine online – showing the beauty of illustration with each turn of the page.

As well as online publications for illustration, we also have tips on the best illustration apps to test out. Check out the Parrot Print guide to combining photography and illustration for creative wall art – it could add a new element to your next canvas print at: