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  1. Allotment photography: The beauty of self-sufficiency

    Allotment photography: The beauty of self-sufficiency

    National Gardening Week 2017 saw some ideal weather for the green-fingered amongst us. Whether you are a seasoned or newly inspired gardener, it was the perfect time to get out into the sunshine with the family and set the scene for summer with colourful new blooms. Trying to create a bright and blossoming garden space […]

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  2. What does Spring mean to you?

    What does Spring mean to you?

    Last weekend, the sun made a welcome appearance all across the UK, helping us all to feel like Spring had well and truly sprung! In celebration of the swapping over of the seasons, we’re running a fantastic giveaway over on our Facebook page . To be in with a chance of winning £50 to spend at […]

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  3. Photographing The Eye

    Photographing The Eye

    Did you know that an image of someone with their eyes closed isn’t worth publishing? From editorial shoots to portraits, and even snaps of celebrities taken by the paparazzi, eyes are the main feature and without them an image is just not the same. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beauty blogger, capturing the […]

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  4. 3 new photo apps to get excited about

    3 new photo apps to get excited about

    From filter to illustration apps, there’s a lot of creative fun to be had when experimenting with new photography apps. And, while some apps might help you add a little something extra to a photograph you’ve taken to create the perfect image to transfer to canvas, others are purely aimed at provoking laughs and giggles […]

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  5. Purrrfecting cat photography

    Purrrfecting cat photography

    Capturing just how majestic your feline friend is can be tough, especially if you aren’t used to photographing animals. These tiny tigers can be illusive, standoffish and unpredictable – not the dependable and willing to please nature of dogs – so you must keep this in mind. The plus side is that cat photography is […]

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  6. Ahoy there! Boat photography tips

    Ahoy there! Boat photography tips

    This niche type photography is probably something you haven’t given much thought, especially if you don’t live near the coast and aren’t surrounded by boats often. These images can be very impressive – and challenging – testing your skills as a photographer. Here’s a selection of tips to get you on the right track for […]

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  7. Spring photography hotspots

    Spring photography hotspots

    After the cosiness of winter, we’re all ready for the fresh start that spring offers. This change in the season brings with it better weather (hopefully, it is the UK after all), as well as beautiful flowers such as tulips, lilies, hyacinths and bluebells – a feast for the eyes! Haven’t picked up your camera […]

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  8. March 2017 photography exhibitions in London

    March 2017 photography exhibitions in London

    Head to the bustling streets of London this month to see some truly inspiring photography exhibitions that bring together a spectacularly diverse range of subjects. There’s sure to be something to get your creative juices flowing. When it does, perhaps you can take stock and  pour your enthusiasm into your next photography project? Whether you’re a Londoner or […]

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  9. Curious gadgets spawned by the selfie

    Curious gadgets spawned by the selfie

    Love them or loathe them, the selfie has transcended social novelty to become a total everyday photography ‘norm’. Taking a selfie is such a common occurrence that we now have smartphones and cameras that have been completely designed to snap the picture perfect images of the photographer themselves. But our technological obsession with taking the […]

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  10. Birth Photography - the next big trend?

    Birth Photography - the next big trend?

    When capturing important life events, sometimes a smartphone just doesn’t cut it, which is why many parents-to-be are reportedly leaving it to the professionals more and more often. We’ve spoken on the blog before about the rise of maternity photography in the UK as well as sharing ideas for hosting your own mother-to-be shoots and pregnancy announcements. Now, […]

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