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Forget Snapchat and Instagram filters, today we’re talking about the latest photography apps that will turn your smartphone snaps into canvas worthy images.

Although your professional camera will capture high resolution photographs, in a modern age where technology is at its peak, why not swap your expensive equipment for your trusty smartphone?

Simple, effective and always on hand, your smartphone could be the best tool you have to create striking canvas prints. With your phone and these latest photography apps you’re bound to improve not only your photographs, but also your photography skills.

Suitable for - iOS
Cost - Free
For social snappers this photography app is a must! Filters are nothing new when it comes to your smartphone camera, however Infltr works a little bit differently. Instead of letting you edit your existing images with different shades of Sierra and Rise, this app actually lets you select a live filter before you even take your photo. So rather than spending hours flicking through filters, simply tap Infltr and choose your perfect backdrop before taking your photo. This will shorten your editing time and you’ll already know what your canvas print will look like. Plus Infltr is the only app on iOS that can process a filter over your panoramic shots too.

Suitable for - Android and iOS
Cost - Free
If you’re a fan of snapping foodie pics, then this app is definitely for you. Whether it’s canvas prints for your kitchen or sponsored food photos for Instagram, this app has a couple of features that are designed to help you capture better food shots. The app boasts a spirit level display, so you’ll know when your phone is exactly horizontal over your food. This allows you to capture those flat foodie images that everyone loves on instagram. The app also helps you to blur the background so that your main focus is the food, and offers a selection of filters specifically designed for cuisine. If you’re looking to sell canvas prints to food lovers, then this app will definitely help you to showcase some artwork that will make your mouth water.

Suitable for - Android
Cost - £1.99
If you’re looking for an app that makes the editing process easier, then this should be at the top of your download list. In simple terms, Pixolour is a live eyedropper tool that stays on your screen and notifies you. It tells you the value of any individual pixel and it allows you to create colour palettes based on what you’ve selected. This app is ideal for photographers who have to create canvas prints to match a specific colour scheme. Plus it has a pinch zoom feature, which is ideal if your eyesight isn’t the best.

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