Whether you’re a food fanatic or have a foodie in your life you’ll want to read on for our new food focussed canvas print ideas. We’ve previously shared tips on the blog about How to create your own foodscapes and today we’re looking at new ideas for customised wall art that’s just perfect for brightening up your kitchen space. Here are six ideas to get you started…

Kitchen Canvas Prints tips:

Recipe prints

Have you made a winning meal that everyone loved eating and Instagram went crazy for? Create a unique print of the photograph combined with the recipe, so you’ll know exactly how to recreate it in future. Recipe prints are grate to gifts for those who have enjoyed your dinner party offerings too and you don’t need to limit yourself to food. Have you got a great recipe for cold brew coffee or a cocktail creation of your own that you would like to show off?

Menu planner

If you want to keep the family organised for budget reasons or like the idea of planning ahead, a meal planner can double up as wall decoration and you can use a custom canvas print of your choice as a starting point. Once your canvas print is delivered, attach screwed hooks to the bottom to tie on a small chalkboard that can be wiped clean.

Cooking quotes

Too many cooks spoil the broth and there’s no point crying over spilt milk. There are plenty of kitchen related quotes you could use as a starting point for your culinary décor and by combining with your own photographs or illustrations, you’ll make well known phrases into your own unique artwork.

Important timings

Even the most experienced of cooks can forget the finer details now and again. If you want to ensure you cook the perfect steak or boil an egg each time, create your own unique canvas print to remind you of the timings. You’ll find lots of infographics online that share the standard timings for kitchen tasks like these, simply amend to your families own preferred timings. You could even create a custom brew canvas print to put next to the kettle reminding you how everyone likes their tea and coffee.

Measurement conversion

As cooking and baking enthusiasts increasingly look online for recipe inspiration, having a conversion chart to hand can help you translate those US recipes into culinary masterpieces. Why not create your own customised conversion print by combining with illustrations, photographs or quotes of your choice?

Menu and meal split canvas print

If you aspire to cook food that’s as good as the best restaurant meals you’ve ever experienced, order a split canvas print to help keep you motivated. Taking photos in restaurants can be a little controversial these days, but we’re sure they’ll understand that you want to treasure each morsel. Don’t forget to snap the menu or if you’re sampling a tasting menu ask if you can take a copy with you to position alongside your food photography in a split canvas.

What type of camera do you use for your food photos and do you have any styling tips for those who are new to food photography?