There really does seem to be a day for everything in the modern calendar and today is all about looking up at the big blue sky and appreciating the beauty and enormity of it all. Whether the sky you’re under today is grey and foggy, clear and blue or dotted with fantastically fluffy clouds, now’s the time to take it all in and celebrate Look up at the Sky Day! And, while you’re at it, why not take a few photographs so you can create your own cumulonimbus canvas prints?

Here’s a tip or two to get your started with cloud photography

Cloud photography tips

A sky tells the story of a day – dark and cloudy or bright and breezy but if you want to engage in some cloud photography you’ll need some patience, as it can be tricky.  It’s easier to shoot clouds when the sky is at its brightest and the sun is behind the clouds but you can capture a lot of mood and expression when conditions aren’t as kind. Using a polarising filter can help make clouds look more defined against a sky. Clouds can move quickly, so you’ll need to user short exposure times if you want to retain maximum definition, longer exposure will keep it as a mass of moving shapes, which is perfect if you’re looking for something a little more mysterious. Take a tripod with you to give you the option to switch between the two.

If you don’t mind hanging around in search of the perfect photo, sunset and sunrise produces the most contrast in the sky above, check out our how to capture sunsets posts for further inspiration.

Cloud canvas print ideas

Cloud montage

Spending a day shooting clouds can really test your photography skills. When you’re done, transfer the best images to canvas to create your own montage of the changing sky that day.

Split sky canvas

Why not put photographs showing the biggest contrast side by side? It’ll create a striking split canvas and remind you that the sky and life with it are always changing.

Panoramic sky

Put the sky in contrast by using it to frame mountains, tall buildings or even the sea. Try shooting a panorama this way with a fifty fifty split between the landscape and sky to produce a semi-mirrored effect.

Sky quotes

If you’re an Instagrammar or Tumblr fan you’ll know clouds are frequently the background to many a moving or motivational quote. Once you’ve snapped a sky that’s full of promise, layer powerful words of your choice over the top. This is the type of custom cloud print you’ll want to hang in your study or on the wall across from your bed.

Do you have much experience of cloud photography? If you have any tips or photos to share, we’d be interested in hearing and seeing them.