It may be slightly overshadowed by all the talk of the general election at the moment but tomorrow (April 23rd) is Saint George's Day, the National Day for England. St George is England’s patron saint thanks to his success at the battle of Agincourt in 1415 AD, but did you know he’s also the patron saint of scouting.

In England the day of St George’s death is celebrated every year, though it is not an official national holiday and doesn’t tend to receive the same level of attention as other patron saint’s days such as Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day. Nevertheless, today we’re brightening the blog with a few ways you can translate your St George’s Day celebrations into canvas prints, starting with picturesque places across the country where you could and should put your camera into action.

Five of the best places to photograph in England

There are so many beautiful places in England it was hard to narrow it down. We tried not to make it too biased towards the countryside, but there really is some thoroughly stunning scenery in the hills and vales of England!

The Lake District

Hills valleys and waterfalls and country pubs and that’s all before mentioning the lakes of the Lake District! The Lake District is a great place to practice your panoramas, don’t forget to transform your best efforts into panoramic canvas prints. For inspiration of where and what to photograph, try this article from The Guardian.


A beautiful coastline and historic castles are reason enough to visit Northumberland in the North East of England, but add in the potential to photograph puffins and any nature photographers will soon be in their element. There are also some good stargazing spots in the county too. This site has some good location suggestions to get you started.

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales has long been a top location for photographers who visit in search of fantastic flora and fauna, rivers and waterfalls, not to mention spectacular hill views. If you’re planning a visit, The Photographer’s Guide to the Yorkshire Dales has the inside scoop.


Even if architecture is not your favourite subject, the cityscape of London has plenty to catch the eye besides landmarks, there are of course substantial parks too. Take in views of the Thames or capture London on the go through a little street photography.

New Forest National Park

You can find a list of England’s National Parks online here and there is certainly something to recommend each location. The New Forest presents plenty of opportunity to get up close with nature and in springtime Bluebells are a favourite photography subject – perfect for transferring to canvas.  

Not into landscape photography? You can still create a canvas print in celebration of St George’s Day, why not try…

  • Photographing an English culinary classic such as fish and chips?
  • Illustrating and printing a few lines of English poetry
  • Snapping images in the colours or shapes of the St George’s Cross flag

Where is your favourite spot in England for Photography and what does St George’s Day mean to you? Share your ideas with us below or on our Twitter @Parrotprint.