February 2014

  1. Getting Beautiful Portraits of Children

    Getting Beautiful Portraits of Children

    While it might be nice to see a stunningly poised portrait of our little angels, it's no secret that's not how they behave most of the time. Rather than having stiff, posed photos in our kids, it's a nice idea to try to get interesting action shots of them, full of joy and life. Childhood is fleeting, so your beautiful photo...
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  2. How To Take Perfect Photographs On Your Smartphone

    It’s safe to say that we live in an increasingly digital world. We tend to access our music, movies, documents and photographs from any number of different devices – be it a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Our media is now accessible on the go, and all in one place. What’s more, technological advances have allowed us to get...
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  3. An Easy Guide to Infrared Photography!

    Simple Guide to Infrared Photography! Infrared photography sounds like a really advanced photography technique, but it's not. These photos look great because of the ghostly look of the lighting on the subject. They can make for some very chic wall art when printed on our premium quality canvas prints. Don't think you can do it? Give this tutorial a try...
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  4. How To Get The Sharpest Quality Photos For Your Canvas Prints

    Even the best photographers can make mistakes sometimes. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of! No matter what level of photographer you are, from beginner to advanced, you always stand to learn something from past errors. The key is to try not to make the same errors over and over again. When it comes to getting sharp focus on your...
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  5. Canvas Prints, Great Art for your Home

    Great Ways to use Canvas Wall Art to decorate your home Have you ever walked into a furniture studio and was immediately blown away by the ambiance of it all. If so, like most luxury lovers, your eyes were most likely trained up and at the walls rather than the furniture itself. Canvas wall art really brings a room together, in fact, it...
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  6. How to Create Unique Wall Art Using Your Computer Screen

    How to Create Unique Wall Art Using Your Computer Screen

    We know you. You don't just want any wall art; you want wall art that says, "Bam! I'm not like anything you've ever seen." This project is for you. It takes something normal, your computer, and turns it into the backdrop for some fantastic photos you can have printed on a quality photo to canvas. Even if you zero photographic...
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  7. Using Pictures To Decorate Your Home

    The secret to great interior design is often in the little details. Decorating your walls with pictures and photos can be a great way to brighten up a space! Arranging collections of photos together or using a large photo as a centrepiece for a room can bring a lot of personality and interest to your walls. This has been a...
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