We know you. You don't just want any wall art; you want wall art that says, "Bam! I'm not like anything you've ever seen."

This project is for you. It takes something normal, your computer, and turns it into the backdrop for some fantastic photos you can have printed on a quality photo to canvas. Even if you zero photographic skills, we promise you will get good results. It's pretty much foolproof.

Setting Up

This project uses your computer or laptop's screen to backlight subjects, which creates a unique silhouette effect. The key is making your screen a single colour so that the silhouette can be photographed clearly. Go into your computer's customization menu and change your desktop background to plain white or a single color. This will mean removing any icons you have on your desktop.

If that sounds like way too much trouble, you can get the same effect with your word processing software:

  1. Open a new document.
  2. Go to Page Layout in the menu.
  3. Click on the Page Color tab.
  4. Make your color selection. You may want to choose a color that goes with the decor of the room where you will be putting the canvas.


Choosing Your Subject


finger art

Next, you need to choose a cool subject. Your subject needs to be something with a very clear outline. Here are some ideas:

  • Your hand in different shapes is a great subject. For example you could make a thumbs-up, the "I love you" sign or an okay with your hand. Think of it like playing shadow puppets as a kid. If the gesture will make a good shadow puppet, then it will be a good subject for your photos.
  • Your hand holding something, like a sucker or a stuffed animal makes an interesting shape, too.
  • Stencils make great silhouette photos. Just tape the edge to the top of the screen to keep it in place.
  • Make average photos amazing by taping them to your screen or propping them up against the screen. Black and white photos are best and photo strips that come out of photo booths look awesome with this backlighting.
  • Regular household items like forks, toothbrushes, whisks and keys can make interesting shapes.

Taking the Photo


Now it's time for some fun. Take those fantastic shots using this simple process:

  1. Put your subject close to the screen.
  2. Turn off your camera's flash.
  3. Hold your camera very close to the subject and select the auto-focus mode on the camera.
  4. Hold the camera still and take the picture.
  5. Play around! Try different background colours and subjects.

To take photos of pictures, you will need to use a bright screen setting and a white background for the best effect. You will also need to back away from the screen a little. This will allow the camera to better "see" the details in the photograph.

The end result will leave you with a glowing photo perfect for jazzing up that boring space on your wall. Once you've picked your favorite photo, make sure to have it printed on a quality, archival canvas. This will insure that your photos onto canvas lasts for many years to come and looks extraordinary during those years. We offer the best quality canvas prints in the UK, so be sure to check out our canvas print services.