The study in your home should be a hub of creativity; a place for you to feel inspired and focus on the tasks that lie ahead. Looking at your current space, is the décor making you feel creative? If not, we’ve got some excellent tips for getting this room up to scratch by adding a whimsical look.

Here’s the Parrot Print guide to turning your study into a place where your imagination can run free.

Light the way

The way you light this room has a lot to do with how you’ll feel working in this space. Choose your lighting options carefully so that each light has a purpose within the room. This guide gives a rundown of the types of lighting for your home including a section on task lighting, which is common in the study area.

To add a bit of whimsy to this room, why not add a quirky lamp such as this owl one from Tiffany Lighting Company? It ticks the style boxes for whimsical, vintage-looking and it follows the animal trend that is very popular for 2016.

There’s also this memory balloon ceiling light that mimics a balloon floating away, ready for someone to leap up to catch it – perfect for this look.

Little touches

To keep the look of your study fresh, fun and playful, you can add in some little touches that might not normally be found in this room. Bunting is a great way to decorate the walls, giving a country feel to the décor. Fresh flowers are also a lovely addition!

Also, with the playful nature of this theme, you could get the children involved by turning one of their doodles into wall art. This could be a great family activity, drawing each other, the family pets or even a fond family holiday memory.

Interesting fabrics

Whether you want to reupholster your desk chair or breathe fresh life into a couple of cushions, your fabric choices are a great way to add to the whimsical look of the study. We love this print from IKEA that really makes a statement.

Fitting nicely with the study space and giving a child-like feel to the theme is this Matilda print from Just Fabrics. Let the child genius with magic powers inspire your next work of art, piece of writing or canvas print! Your new wonderful, whimsical study could provide the space for you to be at your most creative yet…

Got the decorating bug? Why not extend your interior enthusiasm to the children’s rooms? Our guide to the latest trends includes custom headboards and simple Scandinavian designs. We’ve also got some decorating workarounds for renters so you can make your mark without losing your deposit!