If you’re an aspiring food photographer, the best way to get the creative juices flowing is looking at mouth-watering photos, and you’ll find plenty on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a new canvas print or want to get artistic with your dinner, Instagram is a hub of inspirational images. To make sure you’re taking inspiration from the right accounts, here at Parrot Print we’ve put together the best food photographers to follow on Instagram.


Wright Kitchen

If you’re looking to incorporate colour into your images, then Wright Kitchen is a great Instagram account to follow. Brittany Wright is a freelance photographer based in Seattle with more than 177,000 followers. If you scroll through her feed you’ll notice in each image she has a palette of colours, from rich reds to dark blues. Plus, we love the photos of Brittany and her golden Labrador!


Sally’s Bake Blog

We love cake here at Parrot Print, so it comes as no surprise that Sally’s Bake Blog has made our favourites list (as well as 115,000 others!) From toppling cookies to slabs of pie, and splashes of sticky toffee, if you’re looking for dessert inspiration this is the account to follow. Rather than just taking a picture of a cookie on a plate, Sally shows that you can capture amazing photos using different angles, backdrops and even videos instead of images.


Pinch Of Yum

If you’re looking for simplistic images with white backgrounds, Lindsay of Pinch Of Yum has perfected the art of this style photography. From desserts to evening meals, and even cereals, Lindsay has a vast selection of dishes to take inspiration from. While her images don’t focus heavily on the background or props, they pay attention to details, colours and positioning.  


Now Let’s Improve Your Instagram

Whether you’re snapping food images for the fun of it or you’re trying to make a professional career from it, it’s always beneficial to set up your own Instagram account for your foodie pictures. Improving your images takes time, but if you’re taking inspiration from other successful food photographers like the ones we’ve mentioned, then we’re sure your photos will be up to scratch in no time.


In the meantime, to get your name or brand out there it’s best to start posting pictures straight away. Building up an Instagram account can be difficult, especially since the creators have changed how users see your feed, so it’s all about the hashtags. Hashtags have the potential to allow every single Instagram user to see your image - now that’s a lot of people. To ensure that you hashtag correctly you need to follow these Insta-successful tagging tips.

You should also use the new Instagram video tool to interact with your followers and attract new ones. You could even take short videos of the food making process or cake decorating process, before you post the finished result on your account. This is a great way to give your images a story and a bit of colour behind them.