11 Reasons why you should Buy Canvas Prints? (2021)

11 Reasons why you should Buy Canvas Prints? (2021)

11 Reasons why you should Buy Canvas Prints? (2021)

Beach Canvas

11 Reasons why you should Buy Canvas Prints? (2021)

Why buy Canvas Prints? At parrotprint we are going to tell you why.

1. Lifelong Durable Prints

We want our special moments t last forever. The feeling that they inspired in us was special enough to make a lasting impression on our minds. We want the same from our canvas print. Fortunately, canvas prints last a lifetime – provided you have your print done with a professional team.

The pigment inks used in the printing process ensure that your canvas print stays fresh and unfaded for decades. If you live in a region where the weather is humid and warm, you can have your canvas print laminated for protection from the elements.

Laminating allows you to clean the print using a cloth and some light soapy water, keeping it looking as good as the day you got it from the printer. Most inks come from manufacturers with a 100-year+ warranty.

Posters and photos fade, but canvas lasts a lifetime. Contact a printer and ask them about the options you have for a durable canvas print. Your printer should give you a few choices, including lamination.

2. 3-D Effect from Canvas Materials

Looking at a painting or poster leaves you with a flat, 2-D effect. However, the texture of a canvas print and the depth of the specialized colors in an advanced printer make the details of the image pop, providing a unique 3-D look and feel to the image.

The bonus is that you don’t need to take a professional photo to get a fantastic canvas print. Canvas prints can turn a good picture into a great picture, thanks to the advancements in canvas printing technology.

3. Touch Up Your Design or Image with Photoshop

When you hang a poster or a painting on your wall, you have to go with the original design. There’s nothing you can do to change the design, colors, or aspects of the image. Let’s say you don’t like something in the background of the picture. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to make a change, and you’ll have to learn to live with it.

With a canvas print, you have the option of altering your image before you print the design. Software tools like photoshop can help you change your photo, removing unwanted elements. Photoshop can also help you brighten up colors, add special effects, and various other design and visual elements.

With photoshop and canvas printing, you create the perfect image, and then let the printers do the rest. If you don’t have any experience working with photoshop, don’t despair. Most printers will have a design team that allows you to doctor your image using a remote artist.

If you’re working with a design artist, then they’ll send you drafts for your approval. The printer will not print your canvas until you sign off on the image work.

4. Easy to Mount on Frames – Or Leave them Raw

Raw canvas prints look great without a presentation frame. The box effect of the canvas stretched over the structural frame gives the artwork a 3-D feel and look that’s eye-pleasing. However, it’s also possible to have your canvas prints framed by a professional.

Traditional paintings require plenty of care when fitting them to a frame. There’s a chance that the process could damage the artwork, ruining the piece.

In contrast, framing a canvas print is easy, and you shouldn’t have much trouble with the task. Pinewood frame options for your photos require only an additional border around the image before framing. As a result, you get a perfectly framed canvas print, every time.

The fact it is easy to mount makes it perfect for wall art and office wall art.

5. Matte Canvas Prints Have no Glare

Framing a photo or painting behind glass makes it look fantastic, and you don’t have to worry about any maintenance except for cleaning the frame and the glass regularly to keep the piece looking great.

However, glossy paper and glass can cause an issue in rooms where light sources may refract off the shiny surface. The glare causes distortions in how you view the picture or painting, resulting in a ruined effect for the viewer.

With a canvas print, you can wipe down the canvas without damaging the print. Therefore, there is no need to place the print behind glass for protection. Printing your beach canvas wall art or photo on matte canvas eliminates the chances of glare disrupting your viewing experience.

The satin-matte finish on a canvas print doesn’t reflect light even in bright rooms with plenty of light. Another trick is to place the canvas in a room with yellow light. This spectrum helps to enhance the colors on the canvas, giving them rich characteristics.

6. Canvas Prints Are Lightweight

Traditional framed paintings and photos can weigh a significant amount. If you don’t have the correct fixtures for hanging your artwork, you could end up damaging the piece by hanging it incorrectly.

Fortunately, a canvas print is lightweight, with only a wooden frame and some canvas to support. Therefore, you’ll find it easy to hang the canvas anywhere in your home or office using simplistic fixtures and fasteners.

7. Create the Look You Want

You can use canvas prints to create the décor look you want in your home. If you have a modern, contemporary apartment, you’ll probably prefer hanging abstract canvas wall art more than you will beach canvas wall art.

However, the beauty of canvas prints is that they can suit a modern or traditional look. You can create custom prints that perfectly accentuate the other design themes in your home or office.

8. Canvas Prints are Affordable

If you want to hang a print of the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch,” it’s going to be cheaper than hanging the original painting – By a margin of several million dollars.

Canvas prints are far less expensive to purchase than oil paintings for your home. You can pick up several canvas prints for the price of one painting.

Our Top Advantages of Using Canvas Prints

  • Canvas prints don’t produce any glare or reflect light in your home
  • Canvas prints come in a variety of sizes, from small prints to those that take up an entire wall
  • Canvas prints weigh less than traditional framed paintings
  • Canvas prints are a good choice for humid environments, such as the bathroom
  • Give the canvas print a finished look by hanging it in a wood floater frame
  • Various sizes, shapes, and styles of canvas prints are available

9. Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

If you’re thinking about buying a gift for a friend or family member, consider gifting them a canvas print. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, then pick one of your favorite pictures of you with your dad and send it for canvas printing.

Presenting your loved one with a framed picture on canvas is a great way to celebrate that moment and make it last forever. There are numerous occasions where you can commemorate the memory using a canvas print. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, and special events are all excellent choices for a canvas print.

10. Wrapping Up

Protect your memories and celebrate those moments that matter with a canvas print. Whether you’re printing beach canvas wall art for your beach house, or a picture of you and your dad for Father’s Day, a canvas print is a fantastic gift.

Canvas prints provide you with a classy and eye-catching way of creating exciting visuals around your home. Whether you want to print and hang pictures of landscapes, animals, or people, a canvas print is a great way to celebrate the moment.

11. Easy to Clean

Canvas' are super easy to keep clean using the following techniques:

  1. Use soft dusting techniques
  2. Stay away from chemicals
  3. Hang your canvas up in the right place

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