Taking a photograph is essentially capturing a memory so that it is available to look back on in the future, or be shared with friends and family or printed on canvas prints. Naturally, people want these to look as nice as possible wherever they go, so that each memory can be as special as the other. Buying a high-quality camera obviously helps, but with a lot of pictures, the most important step is photo editing.

The world of editing can be a difficult one to first enter, with questions such as “what software do I use?”, “how do I focus it on me?” and “how do I remove that massive spot from my face?” circulating. Luckily, the kind folks here at Parrot Print have composed a guide to help with all your editing worries. It focuses (no pun intended) on firstly the different software you could use, and gives each a positive and negative comment, before rating it out of 5. After that, there are both basic and advanced tips on creating your perfect photo.

Take a look, and let us know if you have any other top-tips for editing!

Photo editing tips and tricks infographic