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It comes to the point where your child is no longer a newborn and their bedroom, which is painted a traditional shade of pink or blue, they’ve suddenly grown out of. So, it’s time to get on your overalls and get decorating.

Now, this time you want to stray away from a simplistic design and search for something that’ll add a splash of colour and incorporate a little of their personality.

Here at Parrot Print Canvas we have just the thing to spruce up your little one’s room with a selection of children’s inspired canvas prints.

Finger painting
A great way to add a splash of colour and to get your child involved in the decorating process is to get creative, and a little messy with some arts and crafts. Quite a classic activity is taking pots of paint and taking a print your child’s hands or feet. You can’t deny this will be such a fun afternoon for you both and as well as using it as a decoration it will also make a great memory, that you can keep until they’re older. Plus, you can even colour coordinate the paint to match their room.

There favourite cartoon character
Kids can never get enough of their favourite cartoon character, whether it’s Buzz Lightyear, My Little Pony, Peppa Pig, or the characters from Frozen. And there’s nothing they’ll love more than having the whole gang in their room for them to see all the time. The best thing about this idea is if you’re extremely busy decorating or working you can easy download an image from online, plus there’s hundreds upon hundreds to choose from.

Welcome baby!
A great way to make the room a little more personal would be to have a canvas print of your baby’s first moments after arriving in this world - mum holding baby all cuddled together. It’s a perfect memorable piece to keep and especially if you’re a first time mum it’s an extra special item. And we know you won’t be able to resist showing off all your hard work once the room is done and it will definitely make for a loving conversational piece.

Scribbles and doodles
Remember when you were little and you’d doodle pictures at nursery of houses and your family and you’d come home and your mum would stick them on the fridge? Well with this in mind, what art is better to don your walls of your home with than that from your child? Pick a piece that he or she is extremely proud of and get it blown up on a canvas. It’ll be a unique wall art, that once again you can treasure for life.

Our top tip - To make sure you make no mistakes and get the picture-perfect print you’re after. We recommend you take a photo of whichever option you choose with either your digital camera, or smartphone and simply upload the image here, and we’ll do the rest!