Our top tips for creating unique gifts to celebrate siblings day

Happy Siblings Day everyone! Not heard of Siblings Day? For those who aren’t in the know, Siblings Day originates from the US. The day was first held in 1997 and was launched by a woman called Claudia Evart in memory of her brother and sister who both died at a young age. Claudia selected April 11th as the date for the holiday as it was the birthday of her sister. Though the holiday is not recognised as a national holiday in the US it is recognised by many states. On the day families are encouraged to celebrate the relationships between siblings of all ages, wherever they may be.

Thanks largely to social media, the celebrations now seem to have made it across the Pond. Search Instagram and Twitter and you’ll find photos of siblings galore and Facebook timelines have been filling up with sentimental photos of brother and sister combos too. If you’ve not yet snapped, shared or sent a special photo of you or your sibling to let them know how much you care, there’s still time. And of course, save your best snaps to create your own personalised canvas with.  Some of the best sibling shots are those taken when brothers and sisters are unaware a camera is loitering. They capture secret smiles, laughter, a moment of play or even a temper tantrum in action and it’s these instances that make the sibling relationship so special.

If you’d like to capture something a little more surreal you may want to check out unique family portrait post, which features plenty of ideas you can put into action with and without the dressing up box. If you’re still stuck for ideas and want to avoid the lined up on a rug pose, why not try one of the other classic sibling poses listed below?

Jumping in the air
The general challenge of all jumping in the air at once has a habit of making the photograph subjects, which helps you capture giggles and grins. You can find our jump in the air how to here.

My name is
Need help remembering which sibling is which? Get out the sparklers and start snapping siblings writing their initials. We show you how in this post.

A now and then
Found some embarrassing photos from your younger years? Why not follow in the footsteps of these daring brothers and recreate some snaps from your youth? Now that would result in some interesting images to transfer to canvas!

Have you done anything to celebrate National Sibling Day today or is it the first time you’ve heard of the holiday? Why not take the opportunity to send a custom canvas print to your brother or sister to let them know you’re thinking of them.