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When it comes to creating a picture-prefect canvas it all starts with making sure you capture the ideal photo. Now, it’s a fact that some of us have a natural flair and an eye for photography and some of us don’t, and that’s okay!

So, if you don’t, don’t fret! We have put together some of the best photography apps to help you create a canvas with, and once you've edited your photo simply upload your finished image here and we'll do the rest!

Dislike your laughter lines? Notice you have a blemish on your chin? Or want to remove your freckles? Then Facetune is the best app for you, especially if you want a couples, or family photo printed on your canvas. It’s free, available to download for your iPhone and very easy to use - simply open a photo from your camera roll and start your makeover! With the option ‘smooth’ you can wipe away any blemishes and imperfections, or if you want to give your face a temporary nose job use ‘reshape’. You can also give yourself a bronzed look with ‘tone’ or give yourself the perfect white smile with ‘whiten’. The results from this app are truly amazing, in fact you’ll look like a professional editor!

Fancy something more creative to don the walls of your home? What about a retro inspired canvas print? The Retromatic app is 63p for your iPhone and enables you to transform your photo into a 50s-inspired masterpiece. Using the instant alpha tools you can apply a wide range of vintage effects to your photo of choice. It’s quick and very easy to use! This app is ideal if you you want to stray away from the ‘average’ looking portrait photo, plus remember how we said here that vintage is a popular theme within homes? So, this canvas print will fit right in!

If you absolutely love the photo you’ve capture, but if needs a splash of colour to make it more vibrant and eye-catching, then the Gelo app is what you need. This iPhone app is easy to use and at 69p Gelo can dramatically transform your photo, giving it that extra oomph! It’s a little different from the gradients used on the Instagram editing system and needs a little more time than your average photo app, but you’ll see the results are worth it. Simply take your image, select the colour you prefer, tap it, and then tweak it so you can make it as vibrant or subtle as you want.

Which is your favourite editing app? Have you got one we haven’t mentioned? Please share your tips with us, we’d love to know!