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I’m sure you’ll all agree that our smartphones run about of battery when we seem to need them the most, which can be very annoying, especially for photographers and bloggers who use a smartphone as their main equipment for snapping pictures for wall art or canvas prints.

With such advanced screens and powerful built-in processors you’ll find your smartphone is an impressive pocket computer, with an equally impressive appetite. So, until they come up with a resolution, if you struggle to get a full days worth of battery then here’s five tips we’ve put together to help extend your smartphone battery.

Extend Your Smartphone Battery:

Dim your phone’s screen

One perk of upgrading to a shiny new phone, is having a snazzy, bright new screen. However, your smartphone’s colourful screen display is one of the biggest aspects to drain your battery. Most smartphones will automatically adapt the brightness level according to the ambient light around you, so to save more battery it’s worth you manually changing the brightness to the lowest level.

Give your screen a shorter timeout

Did you know you can change the timeout time of your screen? We didn’t! So, while you’re changing your brightness level, in your settings reduce your timeout time so your screen turns off more quickly when you put your phone down. Look for an option called ‘screen timeout’ in an Android phone, or a ‘auto-lock’ in an iPhone.

Close your apps you aren’t using

We’re all guilty of forgetting to close down apps we’ve been using and only realising when it’s too late and we’re on four per cent battery. It’s down to most smartphones letting us multi-task between apps. So, we can be composing a tweet on Twitter, and then quickly checking via the internet browser that we’ve tagged with right person in without losing the original post. This means we can easily leave apps running in the background, which as we know, can consume all our precious battery.

To combat this problem try and get into the habit of shutting down each app once you’re finished with it. We know it’s so easy to get distracted by opening something else, but it’s as simple as double tapping on an iPhone and swiping the app upwards, and on an Android you just need to press the multi-task button and swipe the apps away.

Bye, bye WIFI

When we leave the comfort of our free WIFI at home, our phones constantly search for a WIFI network to connect to when we’re out and about. This can drain your battery without you even realising. Once you’re out its worth turning it off, until you reach your destination, unless you know the passwords to connect to networks along the way.

Kill the buzz

Did you know the power needed to run the vibration motor is greater than the power needed for your ringtone? So, a quick fix to saving your battery and making it last longer is to turn off your vibrate mode. If you’re in work, or heading to a meeting it’s best to switch your smartphone to silent. You won’t be able to feel the alert when you get a text, or notification, but at least your battery will last all day.

Have you got a great tip we missed? Please let us know so we can add it to ours!