September 2014

  1. Fashion Photography Ideas for Canvas Prints

    Fashion Photography Ideas for Canvas Prints

    With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, we’re thinking about all things a la mode here at the Parrot Print headquarters. Whether you’re a fashion obsessive or have a friend or family member who is a model in the making, fashion photography offers a great opportunity to get creative and create stunning canvas prints. And, by setting up your own...
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  2. Fun Fresher Photo Canvas Ideas

    Across the UK thousands of freshers started university this week. Along with standing in enrolment queues, getting lost en route to lectures and experiencing the freedom of being away from home for potentially the first time, these student newbies will likely find themselves the subject of many, many photographs. As being snapped during student life is almost inevitable, we’ve decided...
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  3. Tips for arranging photos and canvas prints

     Whether you’ve bought a new home or you’re refreshing the décor, a picture arrangement can make a real difference to the feel of a room, particularly if you don’t get the placement right! If you’ve tried and failed to achieve the in vogue ‘haphazard’ arrangement, you’ll know it’s harder to put in place than you’d think. Here we look at...
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  4. Catching Falling Water on Canvas

    Catching Falling Water on Canvas

    It’s spread as far as North Korea and captured the imaginations of children and celebrities alike; the ALS ice bucket challenge has also resulted in some amazing moments being captured on film. While the aim of most is to film the challenge in full, there are a fair few accidental photographs and more purposeful (and amazing) images emerging. In celebration...
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  5. How To Hold On To Summer With Images on Canvas

    With summer beginning to wind down, we thought we’d take a look at how to keep all that Vitamin D goodness in your home through the cooler climes of autumn and winter. The brightness and warmth of certain shades can actually bring a smile to your face, so listen carefully to our top tips for keeping a-hold of this season…...
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