A living room serves as the focal point of your home. It’s where you, family, and friends gather to relax, unwind, and just enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Since it’s such an important space, you want your living room to be as inviting and visually appealing as possible; things that blank walls just won’t achieve.

To make this all-important room a stand-out space that you’ll really enjoy spending time in, you’re going to want to dress up the walls. When you’re trying to decide what to hang on your walls, you want to take your personal taste into consideration and the overall style you want to achieve.

To help guide you in the right direction, here’s a look at some great living room wall décor ideas based on different kinds of interior design styles and the type of statement you want to make.

Oversized Wall Decor Ideas

If you want to make a really bold statement, go bold with a big, oversized statement piece. Some large wall décor ideas for living room include:

  • Large artwork. A big open wall is the perfect place to hang an oversized piece of canvas wall art. Choose a recreated masterpiece from one of the greats, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci, Degas, Picasso, or any other artist that you admire. You could opt for a canvas print or even something that has been reprinted on paper and hang it in a decorative frame.
  • A tapestry is a wonderful way to add interest, depth, and warmth to a large wall. There are various types of tapestries to choose from in an assortment of colors, designs, and fabrics. Patchwork, screen printed, hand woven, tie-dye, and jacquard are just a few of the different options that are available. To display a tapestry, you could either hang it from a decorative curtain rod or hang it directly on the wall and frame it with wall trim.
  • Oversized mirror. If you want to add some more light, depth, and dimension to your living room, consider hanging an oversized mirror on a large wall. Thanks to the reflections they create, a mirror will instantly make the room appear brighter and bigger than it actually is. For a contemporary look, choose a simple mirror. If you want to create a rustic, cottage-type feel, pick a mirror that’s framed with wood. For a modern look, look for something that features wrought iron elements; a frame or embellishments along the surface of the mirror, for example. Before using a mirror to decorate an oversized wall, however, it’s important to note that you should consider what will be reflected in the mirror. If the space opposite the wall features something that you don’t really want to reflect, you may want to hang something else on the wall; however, if windows, a wall full of beautiful bookshelves, or something else that’s visually appealing will be reflected, a mirror will make a beautiful statement piece.
  • Sporting equipment. Believe it or not, sporting equipment could make for really interesting artwork on a large living room wall; if you’re looking to create a more laidback vibe, that is. A surfboard (or a few), oars, fishing poles, or even a canoe are just a few of the items that could create a totally unexpected, attention-grabbing, and totally one-of-a-kind look in your living room.

Modern Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

If you like the clean lines and simplicity of modern interior design, here’s a look at some different wall art displays that you could incorporate into the space:

  • Modern art. The most obvious choice for wall art in a modern living room is, of course, modern art. Display a reprinted masterpiece from one of the great modern artists; Salvador Dali, Edgar Degas, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keefe, and Pablo Picasso are just some of the most famed modern artists of all time. You don’t have to pick a print from a famous artist, however; opt for an image of a modern building that you love or create your own pop art to hang on your living room wall. There are so many different ways that you can incorporate modern art into your living room.
  • 3-D displays. Create a graphic work of art with a 3-D display. Hang up items that literally pop off the wall; shelves are an obvious choice, but you could also use hang sculptures that have a flat back on the walls; stacked pieces of wood, a collection of long metal rods attached to a cylinder in the center to create a modern “New Year’s Eve” ball-like sculpture. There are literally endless 3-D displays that you can purchase or create to display on your living room walls.
  • Graffiti art. Nothing says “modern” more than graffiti, and despite the negative connotation that’s often associated with it, graffiti can actually be quite beautiful and visually stunning art. You could purchase a piece created by an artist, or if you’re artistic yourself, create your own graffiti artwork. Just grab some canvases and spray paint and let your creativity flow.
  • Splatter art. Another great wall art idea for a modern living room: splatter artwork! Buy a piece of canvas, some paintbrushes, and oil paints in your favorite colors, set yourself up in an open space (make sure to protect exposed surfaces that you don’t want to splash on), dip your brushes into the paint and splatter away! Let your inner Jackson Pollock out! Or, if you aren’t keen on doing it yourself, you could always purchase a recreation of one of Pollock’s works.

Hobby Lobby Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

If you want to create a rustic, “barn”-like look in your living room, Hobby Lobby-inspired living room wall décor is the perfect choice for you. “Hobby Lobby” design refers to that worn, yet charming, arts and crafts-type look; similar to the decorative items that you’d find at your local Hobby Lobby shop (hence the name).

Some cool wall décor ideas for a living room with this type of style include:

  • A collection of vintage clocks. A mixture of clock in an assortment of sizes that are constructed of worn wood would create the perfect display in this type of living room.
  • Pallet wood. Use pallet wood to create a focal wall in your living room. Remove planks of wood from used pallets and hang them directly on your walls. Leave them as-is, or you could add a different colors of finish or pain to the sections of wood to create a truly stunning rustic-inspired design.
  • Vintage pieces. Hobby Lobby-inspired design is all about vintage. Head to a second-hand, antique, or vintage store, or stop by some yard sales and see what kind of vintage pieces you can find. Barn doors, shutters, mirrors, shelves, sconces, medallions, bird cages, plates; those are just some of the different things that would make for a fantastic display in a rustic-themed living room. Create an interesting display by hanging an assortment of antique pieces on your walls. Play with the positioning and see what works best for your space and your taste.
  • Patchwork fabric. Instead of wallpaper, use patchwork fabric to add some interest and warmth to a living room wall; kind of like a tapestry. Hang a patchwork blanket from a worn wood or wrought iron curtain rod. Hang the blanket directly on the wall and frame it with sections of barn wood.
  • Framed wallpaper. If you like the look of wallpaper but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of hanging it, frame a collection of rustic, vintage-style wallpaper. Fleur-de-lis, jacquard, and French tapestry-inspired wallpaper are just some of the different types of vintage printed wallpaper you could use. To really create that Hobby Lobby look, pastel colors are ideal. Hang sections of the wallpaper in vintage or country-chic frames and display a collection of the framed wallpaper on your living room wall.
  • Framed lace. Lace is so beautiful and so country-chic; the perfect option for a Hobby Lobby-style living room. Frame pieces of lace in rustic frames and display them on your living room walls. Check out vintage shops to see if you can find some authentic lace at an affordable price, or you can purchase manufactured lace that’s just as beautiful handmade (and a lot less expensive).

Summing It Up

Whatever your taste, there are so many different ways that you can make your living room walls pop with decorative pieces that will tie into your preferred style of interior design. Honestly, when it comes to living room wall décor ideas, the options are virtually endless. Consider your personal taste and the look you want to achieve and you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind look for your living room wall that will add instant interest to the space and welcome you and your loved ones to sit down and relax for a while.