How to Print Your Pet on Canvas

How to Print Your Pet on Canvas

How to Print Your Pet on Canvas

Print Your Pet

How to Print Your Pet on Canvas

Here at Parrot Print, we aim to bring your images to life. Any occasion, any major event in your life, any person that means the world to you can (and will) be immortalised with our high-quality canvas prints. But as much as we enjoy printing you and your loved ones, we’d simply love the opportunity to print your pet.

That’s right — if you’re interested, you can get an amazing canvas print of your pupper or your kitty today. What better way to preserve the memory of your furry, feathered, flat-bodied, or fishy friends than with an amazing bit of pop-art?

Custom Pet Prints: A Pet Canvas Fit for Any Room

Why is Custom Pet Art So Popular?

Believe it or not, your wish to print your pet is an idea millions of people have shared for decades now. Shocking, we know. So why is popping your pet such a popular thing? And why go through the trouble anyway? After all, you can just take a photograph, develop it, and put it in a frame on your mantelpiece.

The answer is simple; in this age of artistic tumult and the increasingly growing free market, people like innovative choices. It’s nice to have an old impressionist painting hanging on your wall. However, if you print your pet, it becomes a lot more personal.

In the immortal words of The Dude from The Big Lebowski, that canvas print of your parrot or your chinchillas really ties the room together. It’s an art piece, and it’s also a cosy, intimate reminder of who your closest little buddy is.

Should You Pop Your Pet With Some Modern Canvas Art?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Your pet is as much a part of your family as are your parents or your kids. Parrot Print believes in keeping family ties strong, and matching canvas prints are proof of that.

Why Should I Get My Pet Prints at Parrot Print?

Our Personalised Pet Prints Are of the Highest Quality

If you want to print your pet, you’ll need a proper canvas and durable, bright and long-lasting colours. Naturally, here at Parrot Print, we offer both.

The canvas we use is archival-grade and quite weighty (420 grams per square meter). In addition, we coat each canvas with a protective satin coating. That canvas print of your pet will never fade, and no UV ray will ever come near it. Furthermore, it will endure any damage that may come to it, from grazes and scrapes to knocks and bumps.

In addition to a hefty, durable canvas, we also use the best ink. Each colour we bring to the canvas will be fade-resistant, bright, and made to last a lifetime. More importantly, if the image of your beloved pet needs some touching up, our printing experts will be there to get it done quickly. And the best part — we will not charge you extra for their efforts.

Our Frames Are Top-Notch and Sourced Ethically

Every proper canvas print needs a suitable frame to house it. At Parrot Print, we make high-quality pine frames that are 18 mm thick.

We should note that we source the wood ethically and that each frame is hand-made by our expert craftsmen, some of the finest in the UK.

A Vast Variety of Choices

By visiting our official website, you can choose between square and rectangle canvases, each offered in a wide variety of sizes. No canvas is too small or too big for us to print your pet on.

It’s All a Click Away

Our canvas printing system is incredibly simple. All you have to do is pick the photo of your pet that you want to put on the canvas and upload it to a designated spot on our website.

Then, you ought to choose the shape and size of the canvas, and if you so please, customise the print further. Once you’re done with that, simply place your order and wait for the canvas print of your beloved friend to appear at your doorstep.

Free Stuff and Our Refund Policy

Parrot Print believes in treating the customer right, especially if they’re devoted to their pets. That’s why each order over £20 will earn you free next-day delivery. Wherever you might be in the UK, you can expect the print to come the very next day, and you won’t have to handle any delivery costs. In addition, we’ll pack your canvas print safely so that it can come to you with zero damages.

But what if you don’t like our print for some reason? Well, while we firmly believe that you’ll adore it, we still think it’s important to apply our Love It! 100% Happiness Guarantee to each and every print we make. If there is even the slightest reason as to why you didn’t like the canvas print of your animal buddy, you can return it for a full refund. We’ll also enforce this guarantee if the product arrives damaged or compromised in any way.

Pop Your Pup, Cat, or Iguana: The Benefits of a Pet Canvas

My Pet Canvas Brings Me Joy

Animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, is a therapeutic method where animals help people cope with various physical or mental disabilities. Usually, doctors use dogs or horses, but cat and dolphin AATs have also grown popular over the years.

Of course, AAT includes real animals, so what does all of that have to do with your wish to print your pet on canvas? The answer is simple; the more you are surrounded by the images of things you enjoy, the less stressed you feel in your day-to-day activities. We’re not suggesting that you line your walls with nothing but canvas prints of your pet, of course, but a few prints will definitely brighten up every room.

Canvases vs Photographs and Digital Data

Pet owners tend to have hundreds of photos of their animal companions, be they printed photographs or JPGs. And there are definitely benefits to having lots of pet photos. For example, you can browse through them by flipping a few pages in a photo album or give them some personality using Photoshop and similar tools.

However, photographs can crease, tear, bend, and smudge easily. On the other hand, digital data can get lost, one way or another. But if you print your pet on a canvas background, you get a product that will last for literal decades.

Remembering Our Friends

Most pets have a shorter lifespan than humans. It’s only natural that, when our beloved pet dies, we want to honour its memory in the most tasteful way possible.

Having a high-quality, custom-made print of our late pet is, by far, the best way to immortalise it. Unlike a photo or an engraving, the canvas will bring the brightest, most colourful aspects of our friend to the forefront, and we’ll remember them vividly for many years to come. It’s a family portrait like any other, and since it’s on canvas, it shows that you treat your pet with reverence even years after its passing.

Custom Pet Photo Gifts Rule

What’s better than wanting to print your pet on canvas, you might ask? Why, printing your friend’s pet on canvas and giving the print to them as a gift, of course!

It’s getting harder to shop for friends and family nowadays, especially when holidays or birthdays are around the corner. Luckily, if you have a few pet owner friends, you always have one easy option: base the gift around their pet. And since Parrot Print’s upload system doesn’t ‘discriminate’ between pets, you can easily upload a pic of your best friend’s best friend and expect a high-quality result on canvas.

And what’s the best part of it all? These canvas pet prints are perfect for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or even something as personal as a birthday or a wedding. If you present your friends with canvas prints of their pets, they will love it.

Canvas pet prints also work for sombre, difficult events. If your friend’s pet has passed away, a canvas print can be the best way to cheer them up. But more importantly, it will provide them with a way to remember their pet in the years to come.

In addition, if your friend or family member is suffering from a serious health issue, a canvas print of their favourite pet may greatly improve their condition. At the very least, it could cheer them up a bit!

Parrot Print Can Print My Pet, But What Else Do You Offer?

We here at Parrot Print pride ourselves on the variety of our products. Aside from pets, we’ll also print any other photo you want on canvas, framed or not. If you want a canvas print of your wedding photos, your children’s baby pics or that university graduation ceremony, we’ve got you covered. We even offer extra-large prints that will definitely spice up your walls.

Our method of photo-uploading is quite easy, but once again, we’ve gone a step beyond uploading from the hard drive. If you have some interesting photos on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), simply link them directly to us, and we’ll handle the rest. You can just as easily send us photos from your tablet or your smartphone.

Though our experts work hard to deliver premium products, we have lots of room for growth. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get the latest news on how we are improving ourselves, as well as information about the latest deals and offers. We promise that no spam will come your way, and you can unsubscribe at your leisure.

A Few Final Words on Canvas Pet Prints

There are lots of companies out there that will print your pet on canvas. However, few can match the quality and integrity of Parrot Print. So, are you interested in getting a bright, durable, long-lasting canvas print of your adorable little animal friend? If so, do give us a call.

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