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It’s time to say goodbye to 2015 and get ready to welcome 2016. A new year brings new goals and projects, and is a great chance to try something that you’ve always wanted to or is out of your comfort zone.

Here at Parrot Print we understand that in a creative industry setting goals and projects are crucial for productivity. So, we’ve put together some ideas for photography projects that’ll get you snappy happy in 2016.

Plenty of projects
365 Days is a project that’s been going since 2006 and with apps such as Instagram becoming a growing trend, now’s a good time to join in on this game. It involves taking a self portrait every day for a year, but here’s where it gets tricky. Since there are only so many photos you can take while holding the camera at arm’s length before you get bored, so you need to jazz them up a bit and make them more exciting. For some inspiration, check out the 365 Days group on Flickr.

The A-Z project is another fun project that’s similar to 365 days. You simply pick a place or object to capture that starts with or represents each letter of the alphabet. For example it might be easy to take a photo of the grass for G, but Q is going to be a lot harder. You could capture someone running to represent quickness or the quietness of a landscape view.

100 days of happiness is another popular project on Instagram. Simply upload a photo everyday of something that makes you happy. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #100days and #100daysofhappiness so people can view your photos, and even follow you throughout your 100 days.

Project you
The best project, and probably your most favourite, is project you. Whether you’re new to the industry or have been capturing images for years, there’s always room to improve on your photography skills. There various project websites like Shoot Along, where you simply sign up and they’ll share advice and tips with you. For example Shoot Along, is ideal for parents who want to learn how to capture better photos of their children. This means at the end of the year not only will you have amazing photos of your children, but you’ll have a full portfolio of images you’re proud of, and hopefully you’ll see the improvement in them.

Project funding
Most professional photographers will already have a lot of bookings in their 2016 diary. If you’re one of them, then you can always get involved with projects by helping others fund theres. Kick Starter is a great way to donate money to various photography projects that you feel passionate about and help them become successful.

If you’d rather set up your own project than join someone else’s, then make sure you seek project funding to help you make your own success.

What photography projects are you planning on doing in 2016? Don’t forget to share your 2015 projects with us on Facebook and Twitter