According to Elle Décor, bare walls are ‘officially out’ and in its place, wall art and family photographs are encouraged in the home to be on trend – interior-wise – for 2018.

Unlike some of the ‘fad’ interior trends that surface each year, this is surely one to stay. Filled with memories, and a chance to show off your best photography work, it is a trend worth taking on board.

Picking the best of the best

With the new year offering a chance for reflection, you can take this time to look back over the family photographs you have taken over the last year. Although you can use some photographs of years gone by, having up-to-date images up gives a real sense of your family as they are now.

You can mix and match between candid photographs of the clan enjoying some quality time together, action shots of outdoor adventures or even portraits of each member of the family to be dotted about your wall.

Canvas prints look amazing when grouped together on a wall. The 3D nature of them lends itself nicely to this, adding a touch of luxury to your home.

Which wall?

To make the most of the photographs you have, it is best to have your wall of photographs somewhere prominent and used frequently by family and friends. Perhaps in the living room, dining room or a corner of the kitchen.

Take some time to work out the layout of photographs, so that you are completely happy before you start hanging them. Laying them out on the floor and taking an image of this will help you to position them just how you want them on the wall. Preparation is key!

You can also make a note to mix up the layout or update your photographs as new ones come about. Keeping things fresh will help to maintain an interest in the wall as you pass by.

Black and white vs colour

Whether you are going for an arty feel with black and white photographs, or you want a full colour spectrum of images lighting up your wall, try to keep consistent with the look. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to mix and match though, this method can actually make your photo wall look more interesting.

Play about with what images to use and how the colour photos look amongst your monochrome ones. This board from Pinterest shows wall art in action, including some great examples of how to mix the two effortlessly.

A good project to incorporate into your wall is a celebration of your home town. Just like family, the place you live and/or raised in holds a special place in your heart and can give lots of inspiration for some beautiful, and sentimental, imagery.