Where you and your family eat, where the children finish their homework, the area for family meetings – the dining room has an important place in the home and certainly deserves a bit of love and attention.

While keeping in mind this year’s interior must-haves for the dining room – including vintage furniture, interesting light displays and nature prints – you can also explore what photographs to display in this room. Canvas prints can become a piece of art and what better room to place it when the only distraction is good food and good conversation.

Keeping it in the family

Do you have some adorable photographs of the children that need a prominent place to be displayed? Maybe memories of an awesome day out that brings a smile to your face? Take the opportunity to use one wall as a family collection, filled with images of your nearest and dearest including good friends and treasured pets – past and present.

Read our recent post on getting children interested in photography to inspire the little ones to create their own canvas prints. They will be proud as punch to see their photographs hanging on the wall!

Food, glorious food

If you’re are an avid cook and partial to some food photography, you could adorn your walls with your favourite images of mealtime. Think of a delicious bowl of fruit, perfectly positioned or a decadent dessert such as a chocolate sundae with all the trimmings. It could be as simple as a bunch of carrots or even a photograph of a banquet table packed full of yummy treats.

Are you a gin aficionado? Maybe you make a mean frozen daiquiri? Read our post on drinks photography tips to perfect mouth-watering photographs of alcohol.

Mother Nature

Another idea for the dining room is to take inspiration from nature itself. Head out to the garden to see what is blooming and taking shape; could your next print be a beautiful rose? How about a climbing ivy making its way up the house? Even a lovely bright sunflower would look amazing in print.

Do you and your family have a favourite scenic landscape? It could be a quaint coastline, a cobbled street that brings back memories or even an exotic place you ventured to on holiday.

The nature genre also extends itself to animals too. Imagine a series of canvas prints capturing your favourite creatures, what would you choose? Whether you decide on elegant giraffes eating leaves from tall branches, man’s best friend playing with a ball or even the surprisingly trendy sloth doing very little, they are all excellent choices to symbolise the diversity of Mother Nature.