For many children, playing with their parent’s smartphone is their first introduction to photography. Do your kids love-snapping selfies with you and adding a funny filter or stickers? If you’d like to encourage their creative side through the use of apps, here are a few suggestions for photo-based fun that you can enjoy together. Don’t forget to consider online safety when using photo sharing apps and use parental controls or supervision when children are using smartphones as one or two of the apps we have included do have share to social media options.


Does your little one love drawing? Squigglefish may be five years old but it’s still a super simple and fun app that budding artists and shutterbugs will love playing with. This app allows you to bring your own illustrations of marine life and sea based objects into your own sea scene. Just draw, photograph and then start to play. This app is available for iOS devices and costs £2.99.

First Camera

If you’d like to store your children’s photographic efforts away from your own, First Camera offers a really simple solution. This app stores photographs taken through the app within the app itself. There are also child friendly features like a large button to press when you take a photo and there are fun editing features like stickers, filters and paint colours to add. To protect your child’s safety the app doesn’t share to social platforms or tag locations on photos. As an added bonus, the app is also free to download.

Aging Booth

Want to know what the whole family will look like in ten years time? Aging booth offers you the opportunity to peek into the future to see what lines, creases and grey hairs may appear in front of the camera in years to come. This is instant aging app allows you to choose just one face to work with in a group photo, so you can give a single person a makeover or age everyone in minutes. There are options to share to social media platforms, so it’s best used on your phone or tablet in a supervised setting. This is another free to download app for iOS.


For older kids that love adding creative touches to their images, PicsArt is an easy to use app that can be used to apply special effects, create collages or add stickers. It has some really easy to use photo editing software too. Be aware that though this app is free to download, it does offer in-app purchases. So, to avoid kids going on a spending spree, you’ll want to work on things together and turn off Wi-Fi and data. Once you have created a special image you’d like to keep, save or download the photograph and think about printing it on to canvas to put on display.

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