May 2018

  1. More flower photography tips

    More flower photography tips

    Chelsea Flower Show may be over, but everywhere around us, plenty of beautiful plowers are still in full bloom. So we thought it might be a nice time to share some flower photography tips with you. We’ve posted an introduction to flower photography on the blog before, but today we’ll be looking at the topic from a different angle. We’re...
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  2. Living with a small living room

    Living with a small living room

    They officially don’t make living rooms as big as they used to these days. In fact, recent research shows that new builds have living rooms that are nearly a third smaller than those built in the 1970s. And last month, one architect even went so far as to say millenials don’t need living room at all. We’re firm believers that...
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  3. 4 Photo Apps to Use With Kids

    4 Photo Apps to Use With Kids

    For many children, playing with their parent’s smartphone is their first introduction to photography. Do your kids love-snapping selfies with you and adding a funny filter or stickers? If you’d like to encourage their creative side through the use of apps, here are a few suggestions for photo-based fun that you can enjoy together. Don’t forget to consider online safety...
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  4. Redecorating? Grab Your Camera and Create a Mood board

    Redecorating? Grab Your Camera and Create a Mood board

    If you’re planning to give a room or two in your home a whole new look, why not let your camera give you a helping hand? We've spoken on the blog about using a vision board to steer your photography projects and today we're explaining why adding photograph to your a mood board is a great way to map out your interior...
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