July 2018

  1. Hot Weather Photography Tips

    Hot Weather Photography Tips

    Over recent weeks, the UK has enjoyed quite a heatwave with high temperatures topping 35C in some areas. If you’re not quite used to shooting in such warm conditions, you could be forgiven for wishing the hot weather away. Let’s not forget that wedding season is also well and truly upon us and soaring temperatures can make long days capturing...
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  2. Crafty Canvas Print Ideas for Gifts

    Crafty Canvas Print Ideas for Gifts

    Finally had enough of all the hot weather? Perhaps you fancy spending some time indoors doing something creative? Textures and homemade homewares are big news in the world of interiors right now, so why not take on the trends yourself and get stuck into our easy craft ideas? In today’s blog post we’re looking at some custom canvas wall art...
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  3. Tips for Getting into Food Photography

    Tips for Getting into Food Photography

    Food, glorious food, is their anything better to photograph? Nowadays, it’s customary to snap a shot for Instagram almost every time you eat out. With camera phones at the ready, we’re all amateur food photographers to a degree. But what does it take to launch a successful food photography career? Are you passionate and talented enough to carve out a...
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