October 2014

  1. How to Create Canvas Name Prints with Sparklers

    How to Create Canvas Name Prints with Sparklers

    Hot on the heels of our fireworks photography post we are today looking at another Bonfire Night favourite and providing a little how to that all the family can get involved with: How to spell your name in sparklers. Sparkler photos can be extremely pretty indeed, but one of the best things about them is their accessibility for all. You...
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  2. Photo tips to remember on 5th November

    Photo tips to remember on 5th November

    While the parties, outfits and tasty treats of Halloween offer a host of photo opportunities; the real camera spectacular comes just a few days later when Bonfire Night lands. The pop, bangs and splutters of fireworks look fantastic on canvas, so we’ve put together a three step guide to help you capture images of fountains and rockets that are worthy...
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  3. Snapping The Streets For Custom Canvas Creations

    Snapping The Streets For Custom Canvas Creations

    Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we’re perhaps snapping away on the streets more than ever before. Street photography is very much in vogue, so much so that author Jackie Higgins has published a new book paying homage to the genre. You can view some of the photographs in the collection online thanks to the Wall Street Journal, here.    If...
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  4. Hair Photography Tips To Bring Your Salon Walls To Life

    You don’t have to wait until you are entering a hairdressing competition to reach for your camera and capture some scissor-work. Hairdressers are creative types, so why not extend your artistic abilities by photographing some of your best work to display on your salon walls? Before you start snapping and start creating your own personalized canvas prints for your business...
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  5. Bird Photography Tips

    Bird Photography Tips

    Bird photography Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year to photograph, with such a veritable selection of colours at your disposal to capture. The burnt oranges of fallen leaves, and the stark dark contrast of bare brown branches make the perfect backdrop for taking on your next photography challenge. Wildlife photography and in particular bird photography, is...
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